Columbia High School January - March 2019 Newsletter

Freshman Preview Night

What a great way to kick off 2019! The CHS Freshman Preview Night was a huge success. We are so grateful for the students, staff and volunteers that helped make the event as impressive as it was. Student led clubs and organizations had tables that were informative backed by welcoming faces. Sports teams showed off various trophies and were bragging about records all night long. And if a day in the classroom wasn't taxing enough, the amount of energy put out by the faculty and staff just goes to show the dedication CHS has for its curriculum and endless opportunities for student involvement.

We also appreciate the staff of Columbia Middle School for getting the word out to incoming families as they look forward to the next chapter of their son or daughters educational journey at Columbia High School.

The following highlights is just a small portion of everything CHS has to offer. Enjoy!


The CHS Choirs led by Mrs. McGinthy held their annual Sweetheart Cabaret on March 9th and 10th. This year's theme, "At the Hop", was a total gas! Congratulations to all of our singers who put in long hours of practice and setup to make it a success. Thanks also to those who came to support our students as they had a chance to sing songs of their choice as solos, duets, or small ensembles. We applaud the hard work and effort of such a huge student-run event.

2109 Sweetheart Cabaret


Have you seen the CHS 4-Cast lately? If not, you missed a preview of two outstanding pieces of work.

This year Mrs. Packard wanted to give the CHS halls a face lift with a pop of color and a hint of Eagle Pride. There are four pieces in the works, but two are completed and ready to be hung. The pictures below do not encompass how stunning these 4 foot x 8 foot canvas creations really are.

Created by Sydney Packard (2019)
Created by Madalyn Guetterman (2019)


2019 IHSA State and Solo Ensemble Contest

As always, CHS had an impressive amount of students who attended the IHSA State and Solo Ensemble Contest under the direction of Mrs. McGinthy and Mr. Ryterski.


Mrs. Allen's Honors English classes are on the move. For a little Valentine's Day fun, the SLU/Honors English III classes did peer review speed dating! Each "date" they had a specific section to evaluate and provide feedback for. Students moved every 2-3 minutes, enjoying valentine treats as they went.

Currently, Freshman Honors English is reading Of Mice and Men. So much can be discussed in this read. To allow more students the chance to talk, Mrs. Allen broke the class into three Socratic seminar circles. Each group had a ball, and only the person holding the ball can speak. Students were given tasks, such as keeping the conversation moving and productive, making sure everyone gets the chance to speak, asking questions to expand on ideas, or taking notes about the discussion.


SAT/PSAT Testing - Tuesday, April 9, 2019

AP Test Dates (students have pre-registered)

  • AP Spanish - Tuesday, May 7
  • AP Eng Lit/Comp - Wednesday, May 8
  • AP Chemistry -Thursday, May 9
  • AP German - Thursday, May 9
  • AP US History - Friday, May 10
  • AP Calculus - Tuesday, May 14
  • AP Eng Lang/Comp - Wednesday, May 15
October 2019 | week before Peer Juror Training

CHS is proud to have two students, sophomore Alycie Caya and junior Madison Cantrell, to volunteer to be jurors in the first year of Monroe-Randolph Regional Office Teen Court Program. In short, Teen Court is a program for non-violent misdemeanor offenders by recommendation of the State's Attorney's Office.

It is a great experience, but at times can be mentally exhausting. We are imposing sentences that if successful completed, no charges are filed. It's a big responsibility! - Alycie Caya

While Alycie and Madison cannot discuss the trial details, they did provide insight to the process itself. A typical day consists of:

  • trials held on a monthly basis
  • building their court room
  • 2-4 hour trial (with breaks)
  • serving as the advisory council
  • guided by a judge
  • casual dress


These inquiring minds and bright faces never cease to amaze us! Their journey began in early February at the Regional Academic Challenge competition held at SWIC. Not to our surprise, they left the event with the 1st place trophy in the 700 Division.

CHS | 2019 Regional Champs | 700 Division

The following students took individual awards:

  • Chemistry: Caleb Bahr (2nd) | Tristan Oestreich (2nd) and - Eric Kuebler (3rd)
  • Math: Caleb Bahr (1st) | Lauren Baur (3rd)
  • Physics: Lauren Baur (2nd)
  • English: Mia Boyer-Edwards (1st) | Emma Groetecke (2nd)
  • Computer Science: Eric Kuebler (1st) | Mitchell Augustin (2nd)

A month later, the team returned to SWIC for Sectionals.

Columbia High School | Sectionals | 700 Division

Individual awards were taken by the following:

  • Math: Caleb Bahr (3rd)
  • Computer Science: Mitchell Augustin (3rd)
  • English: Mia Boyer-Edwards (2nd)
  • Physics: Lauren Baur (3rd)
  • Chemistry: Tristan Oestreich (3rd) | Caleb Bahr (3rd)
3rd Place

Another great season in the books! Way to go Eagles!

525 Foundation

On March 20, 525 Foundation President Becky Savage met with the student body to raise awareness about the dangers of alcohol and prescription drug misuse and abuse.

If my sons, Jack and Nick, had known about the risk of misusing prescription mediation, they would have made a different choice that night. They did not know that prescription drugs could kill them.

Special thanks to Becky Savage for sharing her story in hopes of reminding our CHS students to make good choices during their high school career and throughout their lives.

Flight Crew

Before you read on, please take a moment to soak up the priceless moments you see to the left.

CHS and Waterloo High School had a cross categorical outing and our local West Park Bowl. The students were dining, socializing and had a great time rolling for spares and strikes.

Mrs. Adair, Mrs. Ealy and Mr. Kopp are always looking for more ways to get the students out of the building and in to the community. Their next endeavor will be at The Back Porch.

The students have the opportunity to partner with local businesses, create relationships in their community and increase inclusion in both the community and with their same-aged peers. The Back Porch is a new Waterloo resale shop run by the House of Neighborly Services (HNS) and is scheduled to open April 9th.

HNS is a non-profit dedicated to helping those in need in our community. In addition to having items for resale, HNS has invited us to make unique gifts to sell in the store. The first items we will be providing are handcrafted soaps and inside gardens with fresh herbs. At the shop the students will gain experience receiving items, laundry, interacting with customers, working the front counter, gift wrapping, sorting and organizing, and various outside duties (plants, parking lot clean up, etc.), and recycling/trash.

Congratulations to the students on this year's Prom Court!

With a CHS Prom there is After Prom! Tickets for After Prom will be sold on March 28, March 29, April 1 and April 2 for $20. This is always a great success in keeping our students safe on one of the largest statistical nights for teen accidents.

National Honor Society

The National Honor Society is a leader among educational organizations that promotes recognition of students who reflect outstanding accomplishments in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. Membership in the Columbia High School National Honor society is an honor bestowed upon a student. Selection for membership is by a Faculty Council and is based on outstanding scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Once selected as a candidate, members have the responsibility to continue to demonstrate these qualities by maintaining high academic standards and participating in the activities of the organization.

On March 18, thirty-six seniors were inducted in to the National Honor Society.

2019 NHS Inductees

(Pictured to the right are NHS President Mia Boyer-Edwards and Vice Preident Elaina Vitale)

CHS Save the Dates

As you know, the end of year is upon us which means banquets, recognition nights, testing dates, award ceremonies, senior events and graduation. Below is the growing list of some important dates to keep in mind as you fill your family calendars.

(Italicized items listed below are day events)

  • March 27 - FFA Banquet
  • April 3 - Soaring Eagle
  • April 6 - Prom
  • April 6/7 - After Prom
  • April 9 - SAT/PSAT Testing
  • April 11 - Senior Girl Tea (1 pm)/Senior Boys BBQ (noon)
  • April 25 - Oerter Banquet
  • April 26 - ACE Olympics
  • May 2 - Spring Concert
  • May 6 - Pentzler Banquet
  • May 9 - Senior Celebration (8 am)
  • May 19 - Graduation (1 pm)

Winter Sports Recap is being compiled and will be coming to you soon! Thanks for reading and supporting CHS!

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