Causes and Effects of Exploration


The Christians fought against the Muslims

They fought in Jerusalem

There were trade routes that the Christians would go through and they like the goods that were being traded

The crusades formed exploration because, the Christians like what they found on the trade routes while in the war, so that caused some Christians to become curious and explore to get more goods that they like, which then made them want to go china and India to trade more and collect goods, and made them stubble across the America's and start slavery and another civilization

Route to Asia

Trying to find a different water route to Asia was another cause that caused exploration

Finding a new route to Asia caused that the Africans were forced to be transported to the America's and made into slaves. Also this caused for more civilizations to be made in the America's, also caused for many resources to be stolen from the natives in the America's .

Works cited page: Mrs.Lyon


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