China By jaesung cho

Government of China: Type of government in place before it was overthrown is 'communist'. But it changed in 1949. On October 1,1949, Mao Zeodong officially declared the establishment of the people's republic of china government in Beijing and became the country's president. So, China's government is dictatorship. But democratization of the Communist Party's dictatorship is increasing as the economy grows and the standard of living improves. There has been little movement in the People's Republic of China since the Tiananmen Square incident in 1989, but there are activities such as the announcement of the editorial "Equitable Communist Party," which accuses the Communist Party of China.

So, according to China population map, we can see the darker color near the metropolitan area. That means people like the developed and advanced culture. Also that is in big cities. So, many people want to live in big cities. We can see that the big cities gathered near.
According to China physical map,we can see that very there are few rivers in the China. Also we can see the huge desert is in the China. I found the reason about why many people living in the east side of China. That reason is the desert is in the center part of China. So, people can't develop and build up the city in near the desert.


Created with images by Chi King - "Pandas!! (GIANT PANDA/WOLONG/SICHUAN/CHINA)" • SEDACMaps - "China: Population Density, 2000" • ramona220 - "physical-map-of-china"

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