National Basketball Player Day January 23

National Basketball Player Day ,which would be held on January 23, would be a day to recognize the basketball players who provide entertainment for so many and give them a little treat. On this day anyone who has played basketball would get a day full of fun and a basketball signed by your favorite NBA basketball player. You may want to jazz it up and have a basketball tournament for all to watch. The winning team would get $100.

Michael Jordan dunking a basketball

Everyone should be recognized NBA or not. 73% of players say they were somewhat going pro, but only 1.2 percent got drafted and out of high school seniors 2.9% got drafted to the NBA. Even if you aren't on a professional team, you are still part of the basketball program.

Our North Newton Spartans vs North White

A basketball player trains really hard and has a high possibility of getting injured. On average a basketball player will practice 8-10 hours in 2.5 days. Games are almost every night for a NBA player. 22% of all male basketball players substained a one-time loss injury each year.

Girls and women appear to have a slightly higher injury rate.

3.5 million 14& under get injured while playing in the game of this certain sport.

1.35 million youths a year have serious sport injuries.

If the law demands that you have to stay in school/work you may have a special recognition for you on this day. You may also have a tournament and the winner gets a cash prize that you have to spend within 24 hours. You would also win a trophy or placque for your school.

The first pick of the rookie sheet makes 4,919,300 a year and and average salary of a college or university is 80,000.

The majority of players life is practicing and improving their fitness ,and every NBA player must be able to perform their every best every game ,so they are much like entertainers.

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