If It Ain't Baroque, Don't Fix It NIta cervantez


The art has a lot of details, color, and emotions

Images are direct, obvious, and dramatic. Dramatic use of color.

Depictions feel physically and psychologically real. Emotionally intense.

Baroque Music

There are no spaces of silence, it is an ongoing song with no breaks

The music really stands out it is really loud, it sometimes gives you a headache, but it is very cool.

A grace note is an ornamental note that is usually played quickly before the beat.

Baroque Architect

The churches are usually gold but the white ones stand out much more

Very descriptive and clear

When you walk in it hits you in the mouth.


Created with images by strecosa - "church zwiefalten religion" • rotmarder - "potsdam brandenburg castle" • MichaelGaida - "castle baroque historically" • Gellinger - "church altar architecture" • Tama66 - "castle noble architecture" • Luisfpizarro - "granada cathedral church" • andreas160578 - "dresden kennel architecture" • stux - "rococo rocaille pillar" • Thomas_G - "baroque neo-baroque art nouveau" • Efraimstochter - "church altar perspective" • projectkisame - "Loay" • blickpixel - "organ church church organ" • lyng883 - "l002142"

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