Sex Trafficking By: Zy'ah Beatty, Daishon Richardson, Chris Owings, And Abbey Paxson

Table of Contents

  • Poems about different countries with high rates of sex trafficking- Daishon Richardson
  • Narrative about what forces young girls into sex slavery- Zy'ah Beatty
  • News cast about the differences between male and female sex slavery- Chris Owings
  • Documentary about the harmful effects of sex trafficking- Abbey Paxson


Imagine, being taken away from your family and being sold to a stranger. Then having no clue where you’re going. The novel Sold, by Patricia Mccormick, tells the eye opening story of a 13 year old girl Lakshmi. She is sold into prostitution and taken to a house where many young girls are forced to have sex with strange men.

In the world sex trafficking is a big issue because money, education, and other basic resources stop women from being able to leave because they don’t have these things. Secondly, India was the number one place of sex trafficking and China was third. In 2011 35,000 children were reported missing and were being sold into sex trafficking. The purpose of this literary magazine is to evaluate and judge the assumptions made about prostitution. Our magazine includes poems about different countries with high rates of sex trafficking. We also have a narrative about what forces young girls into sex slavery . Lastly, we have two videos. The one is a newscast about the differences of male and female sex slavery. The second video is a documentary about the harmful effects products focus on the topic of sex trafficking.

Different Countries With High Rates of Sex Trafficking

By: Daishon Richardson

The Struggle Of India

Where young women are used

Where they’re forced into sex

Where men are Sexual assaulting young girls

The Struggle Of India

Where Older men take advantage of young girls

Where little girls are turn into prostitutes

Where young girls are forced to work

The Struggle Of India

Where girls aren’t respected

Where girls are treated like nothing

Where Girls are use for satisfaction

The Struggle Of India

Where the girls are slaved

Where the girls barely make money

Where women are treated like dirt

The Struggle Of India

Where girls get thrown and manhandle by men

Where girls learn to grow up at an early age

The Struggle Of India

Thailand the land of darkness

What Forces Young Girls Into Sex Slavery

By: Zy'ah Beatty

Zy’ah Beatty

English II

Mrs. White

15, December 2016


“Clara did you finish looking at colleges? You know your dad and I really want you to go.” Clara’s mom said.

Clara thought, “Oh my goshhhhh! Will they ever just leave me alone, I’m NOT going!”

She responded finally, “No mom, but I did pack.”

When you live in California all your life, and finally turn twenty you want to explore. Clara was a very popular girl growing up. She had so many friends, but her best friend was Nikki. Clara also grew up in avery wealthy family. Her and Nikki made a promise that when they graduated from High School, they would travel to Mexico. Now the time has come, two years later.

“Hi Miss.Linda nice to meet you! How have you been?” Nikki says so excitedly and fastly.

Before Linda could finish Nikki says, “Your good Clara tells me all the time, ok I’m going to Clara’s room now.”

“Ok… Clara see ya…” Linda replies confused.

Nikki races to Clara’s room.

“Yo! Bestfriend hey girl hey!” Nikki says to Clara.

“NIKKI!” Clara yells.

With Nikki going away to college they have not been able to see each other. Clara grabbed her suit-case and went down to the kitchen, to tell her mom and dad she was leaving.

“What ? We never talked about this, Linda? Did you know anything about this?” Clara’s dad said concerningly.

“George she's twenty now, she's grown.” Linda said.

“Yeah and plus I’ll only be gone for a week.” Clara responded trying to convince him.

“I’m going to fill up the car with our stuff.” Nikki says trying to avoid the conversation.

Clara finishes, “I'm not arguing with you dad, I can make my own decisions now.”

“Across the border though Clara? Do you have your phone? Back up phone? Mase? Taser?” George asks.

“Yes dad.” Clara replies annoyed. Clara walks out to the car, and sits in the front putting her seat belt on.

“I love you dad, don't be mad.” Clara says trying to get on her father’s good side.

“I love you too Clara, call me right when you get there!” George demands. Clara laughs.

“See you guys it was nice seeing you both again.” Nikki says smiling. Linda and George smile and wave as the girlfriend ls pull off.

The girls arrive to the air-port and sit their seats. The ride takes three hours and thirty-six minutes approximately. The girls get off the plane with their stuff.

They both look at each other smiling and say, “We made it!” Clara and Nikki hop into a taxi and ride to the hotel room.

“Alright you ladies are here, The Grand Hotel.” The driver explains. Clara and Nikki hop out grabbing their stuff and taking it to the main entrance.

“Room 202.” The receptionist says.Clara and Nikki get on the elevator.

“Oh gosh my dad's calling.” Clara says to Nikki reaching to get her phone.

“Yes dad?” Clara asks while picking up the phone.

“Just checking in, where are you? What's your hotel name? Any boys? Please tell me no boys, oh Lord.” George whines.

“No dad… no boys, and we just got here it's called the Grand Hotel I love you bye.” Clara says hanging up. Clara and Nikki look at each other laughing.

“Sooooooo there's this party tonight, I read it on when we were checking in it's here let's go?” Nikki asks.

Clara nods, “Ohhhhhh yessss.”

They get to the room and unpack. Nine o'clock rolls around and the girls start getting ready.

“Oh my gosh Nikki! I Forgot my high heels.” Clara says sadly.

“Dont worry girl, I got you” Nikki replies.

“Yo I love you!” Clara says proudly. They finish getting dressed and do their hair and makeup.

“Oooooo we are CUTE!” Nikki says excitedly. Clara laughs and pulls out her phone.

“Saliw?” Clara asks.

“Oh of course.” Nikki responds smiling. They take their pictures and get on the elevator, and head down to the party. The girls walk in and the party is packed.

“Them! We need them go get them.” A man says to a young man in his twenties.

“Excuse me?” The young man says.

“Yes?” Clara and Nikki ask.

“I have a photo shoot tomorrow I want you both to be in it, what do you say?” The young man asks.

“We’d love to.” Nikki jumps in saying.

“Nikki…” Clara whispers looking at her.

“Sounds good, my name's Lucas by the way.” Lucas explains.

“Im Nikki, and this is Clara.” Nikki says. Clara looks at her weirdly. Hours past and they get bored at the party and go to the hotel room.

“That was lame, but thank God for tomorrow.” Nikki says.

“Yeah…” Clara replies not really agreeing. Clara lays back in bed wondering why she didn't stop Nikki, why she didn't say no, and who is this Lucas man. The girls eventually fall asleep.

“Claraaaaaaa, oh oh oh Claraa!” Nikki yells jumping on top of her.

“Nikki it's five in the morning” Clara replies back annoyed.

“Time to go!” Nikki says. Clara looks at her confused.

“Oh yeah that.” Clara says mad.

“Come on he left a note in front of our door saying be ready by five A.M” Nikki explains. Clara looks at her then gets up to go brush her teeth. She slips on her slippers Nikki looks at her weirdly.

“You're leaving like that?” Nikki asks.

“Yes Clara I don't want to do the shoot, but you're my best friend so i'm going to support you.” Clara replies. Nikki rolls her eyes and hops onto the elevator with Clara following her. The girls get into the taxi and arrive at the studio where they will be taking their pictures.

“Ladies! Hi!” Lucas says happily.

“Hi.” The girls say.

“Ok so we want you to change into these dresses this will be your first look.” Lucas says. The girls change. Clara looks at the dress and slips it on feeling uncomfortable.

“Ok you first my dear.” Lucas says pointing to Clara. Clara steps up to the mat and starts posing awkwardly, trying to smile. Nikki stands there cheering her on. Clara then feels more comfortable and starts posing proudly. Nikki jumps in for a few shots. The girls are laughing and smiling.

“Grab them!” A man yells. Lucas grabs Clara holding her from trying to escape.

“Nikki run!” Clara yells. Nikki begins to run for the door. The man takes out his knife and stabs her in her chest.

“NIKKI!” Clara screams. Nikki drops to the floor.

“That's what happens when you try to escape.” The man says smirking.

“Let's go!” The man yells. Lucas pushes Clara to the man, the man puts hand cuffs on Clara, and puts a bag over her head. Clara is mumbling trying to scream.

“Clean this body up Lucas!” The man yells. Clara steps onto what feels like a ladder, but she can't really tell and feels herself sitting on a seat. She realizes she's in the back of a van. Clara begins to cry, thousands of thoughts are raising through her head. Hours go by and she's finally arrived, she's not happy she's arrived.

“Get out! Come on!” The man demands. The man takes the bag off of Clara's head and he takes her into a tall building, and a small room.

“Stay in there! Don’t try to leave or well you know the rest” The man says laughing. Clara can't move her hands its very dark.

“Is someone in here? Please not tonight, I’m tired.” A young girl says pleading.

“It’s Clara… Who are you?” Clara asks.

“Im Anna” The young girl says happily. She reaches over to turn on the light, and they both look at each other.

“Where am I? How do I get out of here?’ Clara says panicking.

“We are in Paris, there is no way out, you are trapped here, you are one of us now… a prostitute.” Anna says looking down.

“A what?! No there must be some mix up. I didn't sign up for this.” Clara crys. Anna looks at her.

“It does not matter, whether you sign up or not, you can be forced into prostitution like me. Anna says. Clara's eyes open wide.

“How old are you?” Clara asks looking her up and down feeling concerned.

“I’m only 14, I was forced into it like you, Im from India.” Anna says.

“Uh tell me more.” Clara demands.

“Im from India, I was forced into prostitution over there, but I was transferred here. It was worse over there though. Girls are forced with 20 men a night, we were locked in cages or attics, we never had enough food, no beds, when we slept on the floor the guards would come in and rape some of the girls.” Anna explains. Clara looks at her.

“I’d say it’s better here, you get used to it after a while you know? The pain doesn't feel like pain anymore.” Anna adds in.

“But here you can use my blanket tonight, get some rest, be ready for tomorrow.” Anna adds in again. She rolls over falling asleep. Clara turns over trying to put the blanket on her, but she can't so she just lays there looking at the wall.

“She’s not answering, this is not like her.” George says panicking.

“Honey I’m sure she's just by the beach, she must've forgot her phone back at the hotel room.” Linda says. George looks at her and then looks at his phone.

“Yeah I hope so.” George says rolling his eyes.

Clara stares at the wall.

“Hey rise and shine time to get up, my first customer is coming in, in twenty minutes.” Anna says.

“Oh, is mine? I don't want to do this.” Clara says resiting. The girls here a knock at the door and the man comes in.

“See you made it through the night.” The man says pulling out his key. He takes off Clara’s handcuffs. She rubs her wrist looking down at her feet.

“You're a prostitute if you didn't get the memo, you will do as I say and the men say.” The man demands. Clara looks at him shaking.

“Here put this on!” The man says throwing her a short dress and makeup in a box. Clara looks at the stuff.

“NOW!” the man yells.

“Your first customer will be in, in ten minutes. Hurry and get dressed!” The man yells leaving the room. Anna looks at her and hands her a condom.

“Here this will protect you from any STD’S or getting pregnant.” Anna says. Clara reaches out and takes it. Clara gets dressed and does her makeup.

“I have to leave now master says I can't be in here while you do what you do.” Anna says exiting the room. Clara looks her confused.

“Matser? He makes you call him master? Well guess what I'm not calling him that.” Clara says. Anna looks at her and walks out. Clara lays back she only has ten minutes, she looks around in her pants pocket for her phone. Gone! She looks for her back up phone in slipper, Gone! Clara begins to freak out. A knock at the door stops her search party mode.

“Are you?” The man asks waiting for her to finish her name.

“Clara and I'm not having sex with you, I never wanted to come here, can you help me please?” Clara asks smiling. The man grabs her faces and slaps her.

“You will do as I say! Or I will beat you.” The man yells. He gets up and opens the door.

“Hey! We have someone who does not want to cooperate.” The man yells to “master” Clara’s eyes get big, she runs to the back of the bed holding the pillow tightly. “Master” rushes in and grabs her arm. Clara kicks him and he slaps her in her face, they begin to fight he stabs her in the arm with a needle. Clara looks up at the ceiling seeing birds fly in a circle. She is drugged. “Master” walks out.

“Now I should have no problems out of you, should I?” The man says smiling. Clara nods her head and takes everything off and he does too following her. He finishes doing what he does. Clara just lays there looking at the ceiling, the man throws money at her face.

“Thanks.” The man says laughing. He walks out. Before Clara knew it she already had thirty men in her.

“What is your name?” Anna asks.

“Im Clara” Clara says stuttering, she is still drugged. A small lady comes around dropping off meals to each room. Anna rushes over to grab her plate, she looks at Clara then looks down feeling badly for her. She picks up Clara’s plate and lays it on her bed.

“Eat Clara you must! Or you're going to get sick from starvation.” Clara sits up and begins to eat getting her food everywhere. She lies down. Anna looks at her and puts their plates at the door. Anna walks over to her bed.

“How long have you been here?” Clara asks mumbling.

“Huh?” Anna replies.

“I said how long have you been here.” Clara says again making her voice clear.

“Oh Jesus, well today marks six months. Every six months they bring somebody to room with you, before you came it was just me.” Anna says.

“Six months? Oh gosh, well i'm leaving, at least i'm going to try to. I am going to get us out of here I promise.” Clara says trying to smile. Anna looks down and lies in her bed and rolls over falling asleep. Clara looks at her tears rolling down her face. Clara looks at the wall, wondering if anyone is searching for her.

“Sir! Im sure I know for a fact my daughter and her friend stayed here!” George yells saying to the recipient. The man looks at his log and see’s their names on there.

“Clara Jordan and Nikki Michaels?” The receptionist asks.

“YES! What room?” George asks.

“Room 202” The receptionist says quickly. George hops onto the elevator and gets to their room. Putting the key in their door, he goes in and does not see the girls. He looks everywhere. He see’s Nikki left her phone on the bed with Clara’s back up phone right beside it. George looks down.

“George?” Linda asks wondering where he is.

“I'm in here honey! Where could they be, they both left their phones? It's been hours since I've heard from Clara.” George says looking down. Linda sits beside him. George gets up and looks at the door and see’s the note, Lucas left. He reads it out loud.

“Come on! We are going to see what this photo shoot is all about.” George and Linda rush in the elevator and they get down and hop into the car they borrowed. They get to the photo shoot place. George bangs on the door pushing it open. Lucas jumps up.

“Excuse me have you seen these two girls? They were supposed to report here. Don’t lie to me you will only make things worse” George says pointing to a picture on Nikki and Clara.

“No sir. I have not, they were supposed to report here, but they never did.” Lucas replies. George looks at him.

“You're lying. Hes lying!” George says angry. He drips him up by the shirt.

“I'm giving you one last chance.” George demands. Linda begins to look around she grabs her phone and dials 911. Lucas looks at George.

“Look I don't know what your talking about, I told those two girls last night report here for a photo shoot. They never came.” Lucas stutters.

“Your stuttering, anyone who isn't lying speaks clear.” George replies.

“It's ok honey the cops are on the way.” Linda says smiling. Lucas grabs his phone and begins to text “Master” to let him know what's going on. George looks at him and grabs his phone. The phone shuts off in time. The police arrive.

“What's the problem here?” The officer asks.

“This man! Hes kidnapped my daughter and her friend! I can't find them.” George says.

“Ok, how are you sure?” The officer asks.

“He's not sure.” Lucas adds in.

“Here check his phone!” George demands handing the man the phone.

“So what's your favorite color?” Clara asks Anna.

“Yellow I love Yellow.” Anna replies laughing.

“Yeah I like Blue! It reminds me of freedom.” Clara says. Anna looks at her smiling.

“I love butterflies, they remind me of freedom.” Anna replies. Clara nods smiling at her. They hear a knock at the door its “Master” he brings in Clara’s needle. Clara does not resist, after weeks of doing this just like Anna said the pain is no longer pain anymore. Anna leaves, and Clara’s first man comes in and does what he does throws her money, second man come in does what he does throws her money, and so on. Clara had fifty men today.

“You know in India we were forced with twenty men a day, we have two to three million prostitutes.”

“How'd you get into prostitution?” Clara asks.

“I was forced.” Anna says looking down. Clara looks at her and comes over to her bed and sits next to her, putting her arm around her. Anna looks at her and hugs her they begin to cry.

The officer looks Lucas’s phone and finds the messages.

“Lucas Gradwell you are under arrest for being apart of the murder of Nikki Michaels, and for luring Clara Jordan to Paris to be sold into prostitution.” The officer says. He handcuffs Lucas.

“WHAT?!” George yells. He runs after Lucas punching him. Another office runs in picking up George from on top of Lucas. Linda drops to the floor crying.

“COME ON!” George yells to Linda holding back tears. Linda jumps up. George grabs the phone from off the table, and him and Linda run to the car. George drives fastly to the airport, they hop on the first plane to Paris. Linda reads off the messages to George.

“Let's go! You know the routine.” “Master” says. He sticks the needle in. Men rush in the room and Anna begins to scream, she never had this happen to her the men gang rape her. Clara looks over at her she's dazed into space. She begins to wonder what's going on. She can't tell. Anna is yelling.

“Get off of me! Stop! You're hurting me!”

“SHUT UP!” The men yell. Anna is now finished being raped.

“That was are happy six months of being here prize.” “Master” says smiling really big. Clara’s high is now going down. Anna grabs her blanket and puts it over her crying loudly.

“Whats wrong?” Clara asks.

“I was just rapped Clara! Did you not see? Of course you saw, you just did not know.” Anna says crying out of frustration. Clara looks at her and runs over to her.

“Oh my gosh!!!” Clara screams. Clara lays her back in her bed. She runs over to her bed and hides under her bed.

“Excuse me sir can you take us to North Philly Thirty Second Street?” George asks. The driver nods. They hop in the taxi.They arrive.

“You're going to stay in here. Call 911 for back up. When I come out we WILL have our daughter.” George promises.

“I love you be careful!” Linda says kissing him on the cheek. George hops out the car grabbing his bag full of guns. George walks in.

“Come on! We can't use you anymore.” “Master” says. Clara looks up.

“Yes you blondie! You're going off to somewhere else, someone else wants you now.” He repeats. He grabs Clara’s arm she gets pulled with him. Clara looks back at Anna yelling her name while Anna is yelling hers. He takes her into a dark room and drugs her again. Only this time it was more, so it felt like to Clara. He throws her a dress and heels.

“Put it on! HURRY!” The man demands. Clara rushes putting it on.

“I don't want to, I don't want to leave, NO!” Clara yells. “Master” looks at her. She runs for the door. Grabbing her hair dragging her back. Clara falls to the ground. He begins punching her in her face, then her body, then everywhere.

“It's my turn now!” “Master” says. He slides up her dress and takes his pants down. He rapes her. Clara begins to scream.

“Shut up! You made me do this.” “Master” says. Clara looks at him crying. He finishes and stands up.

“Get up!” He says. Clara rushes up pulls down her dress. Shes wobbling to put on her heels. She can't move, she's aching out of pain. She walks out. He stops her and puts a bag over her head. He drugs her more. This time she's knocked out. Leaning from side to side. Lights flash on. Before she knows it, she in front of ten men with buzzers.

“Hi yes I'm here to see Mr.Jeffrey, if you know what I mean” George says winking.

“Yes sir i will buzz you right up.” The lady at the front desks says winking back. George is on a elevator up to where everything is. He gets to the top and see’s a man standing there guarding the door. “POW POW!” George shoots at the man, killing him. He opens the door and he see’s the auction taking place. He see’s Clara standing there.

“Clara.” George whispers to himself. He sits in an auction chair.

“Oh looks like we have one more!” Jeffrey says. Jeffrey is “master”, but the girls will never know that. George smiles. A loudspeaker goes off.

“COPS ARE HERE! COPS ARE HERE!” The lady yells over the loudspeaker. George jumps up and grabs Clara. Cops rush up to the scene.’ BANG BANG POW POW!” Guns fire off. Girls in room begin to scream and run.

“DAD!” Clara jumps in his arms. They hug each other for what seemed like hours. Clara looks at her dad smiling then she runs to her room. She does not see Anna in there. She see’s a note it reads: Dear Clara I love you, I appreciate you, remember when you told me your favorite color is Blue because it reminds you of the sky, and the sky reminds you of freedom? Well that's all I wanted to have. You promised me we’d make it out, I hope you did, Thank you for being like a big sister to me, and comforting me at the worse times. I couldn't take it anymore I hope when you read this you don't cry. Stay strong for me I am gone now. I took my life now! It's okay though Clara I will visit you in your dreams. I am free now.

Clara looked down at the note grabbing it and began to cry. She runs to her dad and the cops surround them as they get on the elevator. They make it down. Linda hops out the car running to Clara.

“CLARA!” Linda screams.

“MOM! Wheres Nikki? Is she alive?” Clara aks fastly. Linda looks down.

“No honey unfortunately she had died later that night.” Linda says. Clara looks down and cries even more. Linda hugs her and they get into the car. George follows them they drive to the airport.

A month goes by.

“Mom I got accepted!” Clara shouts.

“OH MY GOSH!” Linda yells. They jump up and down. George comes in and hears the news and they hug each other.

“When do you start?” George asks.

“Monday!” Clara says. She's gotten accepted into the University of California. Clara begins to pack and her mom comes in and helps her.

“I'm happy for you honey, I know you're still hurting, but you're going to be alright, plus your five minutes away from home anyways.” Linda says smiling. Clara smiles. Monday rolls around and George packs up Clara’s car. He kisses her on her forhead and hugs her tightly handing her, her back up phone. Linda follows shutting her door as she puts on her seat belt.

“Call you when I get there dad.” Clara says beating her dad to it. George smiles really big.

“Yes, I love you Clara I am proud of you since everything's that's happened! You are making me proud. Hang in there! Call me when right when you get there!” George says. Clara smiles and blows them both a kiss she drives off. Linda and George stand in the driveway smiling looking at each other.

“She's going to be okay now.” Linda says patting George on the back.

Clara arrives and takes her stuff out her trunk and goes to her room. She calls her dad to let him know she's made it safely. After her long phone call, she finally unpacks. She pulls out her and Niki's picture and looks at it. A tear drop falls from her eye smiling real big, she hugs it.

“Oh I miss you Nicole.” Clara says to herself. She kisses it and hangs it on her wall. She pulls out the note Anna wrote her with a yellow Marigold flower. They are yellow flowers to symbolize Anna. Clara sits the frame with the note in it on her wall. She sits the flower on her nightstand. Clara has came to her senses that girls or women with no escape because of being forced commit suicide.

“I'm doing this for you Anna, I love you baby girl.” Clara says to the flower. Clara stares at her wall and smiles really big.

“I'm doing this for the both of you guys!” Clara says to the frames.

Clara grabs her book bag and heads for the door she turns around and smiles then walks out the door to her first class.

“From that day forward I knew I was powerful! I knew I could overcome my journey! I knew I was special! I knew I had a future! No matter what Jeffrey told me! I knew I could speak for the girls still imprisoned! I knew I would make it out alive! I knew I would be able to stand here and tell you guys my story! And make it to college to be able to tell it!” Clara smiles saying. The professor smiles and the class claps. I knew I could make it to be free my name is Clara Jordan and I am not a prostitute anymore, I am free.

Differences Between Male and Female Sex Slavery

By: Chris Owings

Harmful Effects of Sex Trafficking

By: Abbey Paxson


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