The Renaissance By : Sierra Escalon 👑

Marco Polo & The Silk Road :

R : The Silk Road helped spark the renaissance .

A : the Silk Road was provided with Trade with more goods and safer travels .

C : In the text it states , " As more goods became available, prices went down " .

E : My evidence is important because it explains my answer .

S : The Silk Road helped spark the Renaissance becsuse they had better trade and more goods . " As more goods became available , prices went down " . My Evidence is importnt because it explains my answer .

Image of Marco Polo , he's route , and him meeting emperor Kublai Khan !

Italian Trade cities

These Trade cities were important because people with different cultures interact with each other that can get goods from Asia .

The Medici Family

The top right is a picture of the Medici Family artwork . Next to it is an image of education the two on the bottom is pictures of architectural and banking .

Rediscovering The Past

Greek and Roman helped shape the development of the Renaissance by helping the Greek and Roman empires focused on art , literature , math , and public speaking .

Roman and Greek art mostly made sculptures . They wanted them to look real , and use human details .

They thought mathematics would help them understand the universe better . People created symbols we still use today .

Turks who entered Italy carried works of literature . These writing were made by Greek thinkers .

Filippo Brunelleschi built a huge dome for a cathedral in Florence . He built it so big it was to heavy to hold . He solved it light layers instead of thick .

Leonardo Da Vinci

Some images of Leonardo Da Vinci artwork , architecture, anatomy , and engineering.


The video was about Michelangelo and the impact he had on the Renaissance.

Paper & Printing

Johann Gutenberg used the letter blocks for printing , he would put ink on them and press the paper on it to make books . He used a machine on the top right hand corner to make it .

The impact he had on literacy was it helped Monks write faster and finish faster .

William Shakespeare


William Shakespeare writing reflected the ideas of humanism . William Shakespeare thought that humanity was important so that lead to humanism . It says in the passage , " The following passage reflects on the Renaissance idea that each human being is important ( Holt 317 ) . " My evidence is important because it gives an example of my answer .

William Shakespeare famous works .
William Shakespeare famous quote .

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