A,B,C's of Culture Michael walton

A: Art and Literature

Kanye West is an american rapper
This poem was written by Edgar Allen Poe and is called The Raven

B: Buildings

This is the Empire state building located in New York City
The Space Needle is located in Seattle, Washignton

C: Communication and Transportation

Facebook is a social media network that is used for communicating with others or finding information
CNN News is used to get information to people all across the U.S.

D: Dress

Joggers are running pants that are loose at the top but get more fitted towards the bottom
Adidas White city sock NMD

E: Economy

Factories are one of the main sources of our economy's wealth
Without the uses of farms most of the products we have today wouldn't be made

F: Family

Families today usually have children that are encouraged to go to school and college
Hilary Clinton was almost the first female president which shows how much we've grown to accept woman in society

G: Government

The white house holds the president who is a representative
The supreme court is used for some of the highest

H: History

Mount Rushmore is a monumental piece of work that honors some of the presidents that shaped this country
An image from WW2 of a young boy and other men voyaging through the countryside

I: Icon

Harambe was zoo gorilla that was killed because he endangered the life of a child when he fell in the cage
Donald Trump was elected president and many people argue with each other on whether or not he is a good president.

J: Jobs

Waitresses are one of the most common jobs to have
Doctors in the medical field make a lot of money but they aren't very easy to get accepted into.

K: Knowledge

Colleges are one the most efficient ways to get information to upcoming adults
We train our minds to get better at something or figure it out to remember how to do it

L: Language

Most Americans first language is English
One the most common second languages is Spanish

M: Movement and Migration

People came to this country looking for a better future or to become reunited with their loved ones.
Most people in the US travel to different places by car

N: National Pride

The NFL is a very important part of most lives in the US
The 4th of July is a the day that the United states gained their independence from England, and is celebrated every year.

O: Organiztions

The American Heart Association helps others that suffer with strokes and heart diseases

P: Population

As of today in 2017 Children make up 22.6% of the US population
Senior Citizens only take 13.3% of the US population

Q: Quality of Life

The United States was recognized as having the highest standard of living in the world.
Most Americans would like to live luxurious mansions or drive nice cars

R: Religion

Christmas is celebrated on December 25 of each year to represent the day that Jesus Christ was born (Christianity)
Every Friday Catholics are not allowed to eat beef seeking abstinence of the red meat

T: Taboos

Getting drunk is known as a taboo and is frowned upon
Murder is a definite taboo considering that if your are committed for murder you can be sentenced to death

U: Urban/Rural

79% of Americans live in the cities
21% of Americans live inn the countryside

V: Vacation

Many people go to the Bahamas because of its relaxing waters and sandy beaches
Yosemite national park is a beautiful camping place for people who like to be outdoors

W: Ways of Everyday Life

Walmart is a very common grocery store that most people go to for their needs
Laundromats can sometimes be easier for people to use or more affordable when some one needs to wash their clothing

X: X Marks the Spot

The Rocky mountains divide the US with it going more towards the west
The Great Plains is an open area in the middle of The US that provides most of the country with wheat and other grains.

Y: Yum

Pancakes are a common and very delicious breakfast
Five guys is a classic fast food restaurant that serves burgers and other easy eats such as fries and peanuts

Z: Ztuff

Silver ware is used almost always essential when eating dirty foods or soups
Brushing your teeth in the morning at night every day to keep your hygiene in top condition


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