The Summary of Term 2 Fatma Al-Hussaini & Sarah Al-Kuwari

Google Spread Sheets

Logo of Google Sheets

Google Spreadsheets is a Web-based application that allows you to create, update and modify spreadsheets and share the data live online, it also makes your data pop with colorful charts and graphs. Google Sheets is similar to Microsoft Excel which allows you to change the height and width of rows and columns, as well as how to insert, move, delete, and freeze them. You also can wrap and merge cells. Formatting in google sheets allows you to customize the look and feel of your spreadsheet, making it easier to view and understand by modifying the size, style, and color of text in your cells. You can also set text alignment and add borders and background colors to your cells. You can also create multiple sheets to help organize your spreadsheet and make it easier to find information.

Internet Safety

Introduction To Internet Safety, Avoiding Spam and Phishing

The internet has been a great creation. The internet has also made it way easier to access information and communicate with anyone anywhere in the whole world within seconds. Sadly just like everything else there is a negative side of the internet. The Internet is home to certain risks, such as malware, spam, and phishing. In order to being safe a protected online, you'll need to understand these risks and learn how to avoid them.

Avoiding spam and phishing

To make sure you're protected from email scams, malicious software, and identity theft, you'll need to understand how to identify and avoid potentially dangerous emails in your inbox, including spam and phishing attempts.

Dealing with spam

Spam also known as junk mail is every email you receive in your inbox that you don't want. Spam emails can make it very hard to check and find emails that you actually need, spam often includes phishing scams and malware, which can pose a serious risk to your computer. Thankfully most email services have created a feature to help with protecting you in box from spam. Called Spam filters this feature will check every email you receive and see if it's a real email or a spam message. If you’re getting a spam email it will automatically be placed in your spam folder, so you don’t accidentally open them when checking your email. This system is not perfect because it can accidently put some of your actual emails in your spam folder so it is recommended for you to check your spam folder regularly


Messages that try to trick you into providing sensitive information are called Phishing scams. Banks or another trusted source are the ones often sending them. lt’ll usually want you to re-enter a password, verify a birth date, or confirm a credit card number. These emails might look very real from the first look, becuase it easy for scammers to create very convincing details

Google Sketch uP

Using the rectangle, push up/down, navigation tools.

The rectangle tool on Google Sketch up is a simple tool that draws a basic rectangle with four corners at 90 degree angles. After using the rectangle tool you can use the push up/down tool that allows you to create a 3D shape from a face or cut a 3D shape out of your model. You can push/pull any type of face of your choice. Lastly are the navigation tools which are consisted of four tools and they are the orbit tool which gives you a 360 degrees view, the pan tool allows you to shift your screen to the right or left and up or down. Hence, from the same perspective you can shift your screen to any side. The zoom options has the ability to change your field of view, which is basically the amount of your model you can see with your camera.

Zoom, Push/down, and Pan navigation tools

Google Sketch Up

Using the pencil, move, eraser and follow-me tools.

There are various of tools on Google Sketch Up but these tools are very important and easy to use when you practice using them.The pencil tool on Google Sketch Up is very simple and easy to use, you use the pencil tool to draw straight lines or to draw edges from point to point which you can use to draw a building or a chimney. The move tool has the ability to allows you to move the line and shape it the way you want and to stretch, array entities. The eraser tool is very handy to erase or remove any mistakes or any unwanted lines or to soften, smooth the entities of the model. Lastly is the follow-me tool in Google Sketch Up, the tool can make a 2D object 3-dimensional, making it follow a path that you specify. The tool allows you to create these objects at various angles.


Drawing 3D shapes in different perspectives and using Google Sketch Up to draw shapes according to proper measurement.

Google sketch up helps you with drawing different shapes with the exact measurement the you chose. Using the dimensions tool. This would make is very easy for you to build and create projects. To make sure you have the right measurement you can use the tape measure tool. This tool measure distances, create guide lines points, or scale the entire model. Thankfully, google sketch up has many tools to help with 3D shapes and dimensions. These are just some of the many useful tools in google sketch up.


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