Cold War Movies By: Aliza Novicky

Why were there movies Made in the Cold War? It was a way for America to use propaganda about how the U.S. was winning and the good guy. What type of movies were made? Many movies were about Communists and Anti-Communists or Spy movies.

A Poster of U.S. Propaganda

"I Was A Communist For the F.B.I" was made in 1951. Its directed by Gordon Douglas and written by Crane Wilbur.Its about this F.B.I agent that goes undercover as a Communist.He is spying on the Communist Party to try and destroy it, but his family thinks he really is a Communist."I Was A Communist For the F.B.I" was connected to the Korean War, and it sort of started the war.

"I Was A Communist For The F.B.I" Movie Poster

"Tokyo File 212" was made in 1951. Its directed by Dorrell McGowan and Stuart McGowan. It was written by George P. Breakston. This movie takes place during the Korean War, and its about a Communist spy that is trying to destroy America's war effort. Another problem is that this spy is torturing Japanese pilots.This American spy is going undercover to try and stop the Communist spy."Tokyo File 212" was filmed all through Japan not just in a studio, and there were both Japanese and American cast, crew, and extras.This movie was also connected to the Red Menace.

"Tokyo File 212" Movie Poster

"Invasion U.S.A" was made in 1952. It was directed by Alfred E. Green and written by Robert Smith. This movie is about how people witnessed the Soviet Union invading the U.S. This movie was also connected to a scenario where the Soviet Union assaulted the U.S.

"Invasion U.S.A." Movie Poster

"Communist Blueprint For Conquest" was made in 1956. Its a documentary about Communists taking over a country by power, and it describes the ideas, techniques, methods, and plans the Communist had and used.It also explained how Communists got new members to help with their cause. "Communist Blueprint For Conquest" is connected to the U.S. Government because its from their point of view.

"Communist Blueprint For Conquest" Movie Poster

"On The Beach" was made in 1959. Its directed by Stanley Kramer and written by John Paxton. This movie is about how Australia didn't get destroyed by the Nuclear Bomb, and in a post-apocalyptic future. Its also about how a small percent of humanity survives in the aftermath of this world. "On The Beach" is connected to the Nuclear Bomb that happened in Australia.

"On The Beach" Movie Poster
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