World Of Exploration Adobe spark Project By: Madison Bardwell, 4A, Mr. Meninga, History

Columbus Finds The New World

He started with asking the king and queen of Spain to support him on his voyages to find an easier faster way to the Indies.The reason how Columbus found the new world was that he was on one of his voyages. His goal was to find a faster easier way to find the Indies and never knew he discovered the new world.

Cause- Exploration; Columbus was exploring the seas to find an easier/ shortcut to the Indies. He came across some islands called the Bahamas and he thought it was the Indies, when it was the Americans. This is were he claimed the land for Spain.

He starts his voyage by going to the king and queen of Spain and asked if they would give him money to find an easier way to find the Indies. This was so he could find the Indies and bring back some spices for prof.

Later on he finds the land and that there were people on it. He called these people Indians because he thought he was in the indies so that is what he decided to call the people.


The discovery of the new world, he was on one of his voyages when he landed in the Americans, which was then called the new world. He was determined to prove that there was an easier, faster way of getting to the Indies.

Money, The effect of giving Columbus money to go get spices, also by giving him money to go on his voyages, he never found the Indies but he discovered new lands. Which he then claimed it for Spain and found out there were people there already.

By finding people on the land, there were colonies built for trade. Later on in the year, the people on the land were heavily effected by the events that occur later on in the century because the Europeans took over their lives before they could do something about. The African Americans didn't know that their home land was going to be taken from them and that they would be enslaved.

African American Slavery

This began shortly after Columbus found the new world were the African Americans were living at. They became slaves and had to do the dirty work for the Europeans. This also meant that they lost their rights they had, and had to become Christian.

The had to work on the farms and plantations that the Europeans. Also the Europeans introduced new animals the have different diseases. This caused the African Americans get sick and start to die.

Trading- Trading for goods like guns, cotton, tobacco, and other things. It made the lives of the Europeans more easier. Also by having slaves, the Europeans got richer and got to trade more.

The slaves were used to make the mother countries stronger. The slave families were separated and sold to different countries. This also made the slaves be torn apart from their home land and forced to a different land.


The effect of he African American lives as in killing millions of them. It made the African lives miserable and changed their lives forever and their families were forced into slavery as well.

Also another effect is of finding the people in the new world was that, the native people would become slaves. Later on the population would suffer greatly and their lives wouldn't be the same.

Also their tribe was changed by having their land shrink and their beliefs were changed and they had to become Christin. Also they were being spread out across the world and this leads to the triangular trade.

Triangular Trade

This was the route of selling slaves to people. This also was were the slaves were put on to boats and were deported to a different countries. On the boat they were chained to the boat and had little room, they were packed tightly so there could be more slaves on the boat to sell.

Cause- To get materials from the Americas to Spain like: Precious metals and sugar. This helped the Europeans to get more resources and money from selling the slaves. Which gave them more resourceful things to make them successful for getting slaves and selling them.

This also created the Middle Passage- This was the route from Africa to America to bring slaves. This was were the slaves were loaded on to a ship were there was little space and they were packed tightly together.

The triangualar trade goal was mercantilism. This is the system in which a country attempts to amass wealth through trade with other countries and colonies. This was not to make the colonies richer but the mother country wealthier.


With the triangular trade, the African Americans lost cultures, lives, families and their freedom. The slaves lives got more complicated and were treated unfairly. By treating the slaves unfairly, some of the Africans started to become unhealthy which made most of the population die.

When the middle passage occurred, the Indians were forced on to ships to be traded for goods or raw materials. On the ship, the slaves were restricted space which means they had little space to move around. Also so other people can have slaves to work for them and their families.

When the Europeans took over the lives of the African Americans, they got richer and made the Africans slaves. The triangular trade made the Europeans lazy and have control over the slaves they owned. It made it hard for the Africans to survive on how they were being treated.

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