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As term 1 draws to a close the college can draw some information together regarding student attendance and student compliance to expected uniform and behaviour standards. Student attendance should be regular and monitored. By this I mean students should attend school at least 90% of the time to achieve what is deemed regular attendance. Secondary education is content heavy and requires students to attend regularly in order to engage fully with the curriculum. By monitoring attendance the college seeks every opportunity to work with parents and carers to ensure all absences are explained through appropriate contact. Recent media reports about student behaviour in secondary schools based on PISA surveys (Program for International Assessment) indicate students when surveyed wanted better general behaviour and engagement by students to support learning. Australia’s ranking in this category has fallen significantly. Atwell College is completely in agreement with the sentiment of the students surveyed and supports behavioural pastoral care policies to develop the behaviour of all students in line with Department of Education expectations and social norms. I encourage parents to engage with the college on any issues concerning student behaviour.

I would like to thank all members of the community for their encouragement with the college’s Parent/Teacher interview evening. Many parents took the opportunity to make an online booking and access teaching staff. Parents also took the opportunity to make follow up appointments with teaching staff. I received several emails following the event from parents on how much they enjoyed the opportunity to meet face to face with teaching staff and how much they enjoyed being in the college. The next evening of this type will be in July after the first formal school report.

Regards, Noel Woodley, Principal

Fire Damage to the Resource Centre

The staff and students are devastated by the fire in the Resource Centre. The photos graphically show the extent of the damage and the mess created. Initial estimates have the repair and replacement amount well in excess of one million dollars. The Education Department responded swiftly and have provided the support and expertise to enable the college to action solutions and alternatives immediately. As the clean-up progresses the assessors learn more particularly in respect to damaged cabling and data communications equipment. The college is developing an alternative resource centre in the staff room where the students will be able to partially access the services provided by the resource centre team. Current estimates are that the damaged building will take about 6 months to repair.

A substantial amount of goodwill and gestures have come through to the college from within and outside the Atwell Community. This is much appreciated by the staff and students. Booksellers have donated $1000 and offers of shelving and library equipment have come from other schools and local government. I will continue to keep the community informed as the college learns more about the situation. All effort is being made to ensure the minimum disruption to the students’ learning.

Noel Woodley, Principal


Library Officers, Mrs Nicole McDonagh and Mrs Maree de Haas would like to let all the students who visited the Resource Centre and used our extensive collection how much we appreciate their support, and while we are sad about what has occurred to our beautiful library, we are very excited about the new Resource Centre and it will be even better and more wonderful than the old version. Please be patient while we slowly rebuild. We also would like to thank out volunteers, parents, organisations, community members and other libraries who have offered services, donations and time to help us on our journey.

Nicole McDonagh and Maree de Haas, Library Officers.


For efficient management of Accounts and Absentee enquiries and in a bid to provide better customer service the college has set up two new email addresses. Please utilise the emails below in future:

Accounts Queries:

Absentee Queries:


When students enrol at Atwell College they sign aCode of Conduct’. In doing so students accept the responsibility of the conditions of use, thereby ensuring that Atwell College will not be liable for damages that could result from the misuse of Atwell College’s internet and computer facilities.

The college has recently experienced an increase in breaches of the code of conduct, specifically relating to the following: Passwords and log-ins. Students all have school log-ins for computer usage. This allows them to log in from home to Connect and on any device (including BYOD) on the school network. It is important this log-in and password is never shared with anyone else. Not even with best friends. Students should change their password from any sort of generic words or settings to a password they can easily remember but not make too obvious to other students. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure their details are safe and cannot be used by any other student. The password can be changed at any given time from school or home and it is strongly suggested to do so regularly.

Proxy sites and work-arounds. Department of Education enforces use of a local proxy server to protect students and staff from explicit material and provide a safe browsing environment that complies with policies set by both DoE and Atwell College on what activities occur on the internet while on the school network. People use free proxy services to bypass censorship filters, online security, and access websites that aren’t available on school networks. Using these proxy work-around sites and programs also open up local networks for hackers and this can infiltrate into higher levels of the government network. These free services come at an unexpected cost for users: their privacy and security. HTTPS is commonly used to encrypt Web traffic, allowing users to enter credit cards, passwords, and other sensitive information in a manner that makes it difficult for hackers and intermediaries to intercept. By preventing customers from using the Web securely, Atwell College ICT warns these open proxies “can analyse your traffic and steal your logins and details.” Free proxies are also manipulating websites directly. These proxy services can change HTML and modify websites’ JavaScript. In most cases, this is done merely to inject advertising and malware into websites. However, these services are “probably also cookie stealing or key logging” stealing identity and allowing people to infiltrate the network.

VPN (Virtual Private Networks). Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), which encrypts all your traffic and routes it through another server to mask your location, are commonly used by people looking to bypass geolocation restrictions on services such as Netflix, Hulu, and iPlayer. VPN services have been tied to deceptive business practices. Often selling its free-tier users’ idle bandwidth. This means millions of free users are unknowingly turned into a botnet that is utilized for criminal activities, including repeated denial-of-service attacks (DDOS) used to take down networks. They are extremely well known for scripting adware and malicious items into your internet browsers. Those controlling a VPN services makes it is easy to manipulate websites to steal login information, banking and credit card accounts, turn users into a distributed denial-of-service attack botnet, and monitor all their Web activities.

Prevention. To help combat the security vulnerabilities users expose themselves to when using free proxies and VPNs, DoE and Atwell College use a tool called Fortigate which performs a cursory evaluation on any proxy service in use to ensure it isn’t manipulating content or forcing users to forgo encryption. Those being used are flagged as ‘Proxy Avoidance’ and are monitored and tracked. They are then manually added to the proxy server as a banned site or script. These sites number in the thousands across the internet. As fast as they can be blocked new ones are created every day. This means combatting the problem is an ongoing task which takes up considerable resources. Ultimately, there is no silver bullet to ensure complete security and privacy online. But when entrusting your student’s online activity via school networks they must comply to the policies of not using proxy sites and VPN’s while using the school network.

Mat Burt, Deputy Principal



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The following students were the recipients of the Year 11 2016 Subject Awards at a recent assembly.

AWPL - Madison Robinson, AECHEM - Pristina Goh, AEELD - Nicole Teoh, AEENG - Madison Reid, AEHBY - Madison Reid,AEHEA - Tamsyn Criddle, AEHIM - Tamsyn Criddle, AEJSL - Pristina Goh, AEMAA - Wenxuan Weng, AEMAM - Pristina Goh, AEMAS - Pristina Goh, AEPES - Madison Reid, AEPHY - Pristina Goh, AVET - Daniel McCrorie, KBS - Michael Baker, CII BUS - Breanna Barcello White, CII CO - Bethany Pugh, CII DM - Alyssa Sherratt, CII HS - Mia Doubikin, CII OE - Julia Ward, CII SR - Patrick Carrick, CII VA - Dayna Cusack, GEAIT - Kobe Feddema, GECAE - Sabrina Thompson, GECFC - Jamie Neale, GEDESD - Gal Krajnc, GEELD - Tim Li, GEENG - Jacob Spain, GEEST - Andy Liang, GEFST - Jayden Kahotea, GEHEA - Sabrina Thompson, GEISC - Robyn Fearnley, GEMAE - Riley Compton, GEMDTM - Tyrhys Sultana, GEMDTT - Kelsie Hutchison, GEMDTW - Anne Greenwood, GEOED - Adam Bryce, GEPES - Bethany Pugh.

The following students were recipients of Year 10 2016 Outstanding reports 'A' Grade awards.

Lenka Komnenovic, Shaheera Ahmed, Katgrissa Dalida, Jorja Walker, Mia Connolly, Brianna Love, Laura Sewell, Alyce du Bolulay, Kjersti Grov, Shinta Krussche.

CONSENT2GO Important information for Parents

Atwell College is excited to advise that we have partnered with MCB Schools to bring the Consent2Go system to our school. The system will replace our current paper process for obtaining parent permission and consent for school incursions and excursions. The current paper based system is expensive, inefficient, and a huge cost to the environment. Parents/Guardians will be advised when the new system will commence. In using Consent2Go the school will no longer be sending excursion paperwork home with students. If you do not have an email address or internet access, please advise the school so we can add you to the consent2Go paper process.

Atwell College Health and Physical Education, has had two exciting new facilities added to the learning area during first term. An abseiling platform has been constructed in the College gymnasium, which will allow for our Outdoor Education teachers to conduct abseiling experiences for students on our campus. In addition to that, the HPE block has been equipped with a new weights room, which can be utilised by staff and students both from a curriculum and health and well-being perspective. Awesome opportunities for Atwell College students!

Aaron Harwood, Head of Health and Physical Education

Year 11 ATAR Geography Excursion
Year 11 ATAR Geography students attended the Perth Hills Discovery Centre in Mundaring on 17th March 2017. The excursion gave students the opportunity to collect valuable data to complement their study of the natural hazard of bushfires. Students had a great day working outside consolidating their practical skills.

Mrs Gemma Garbutt, Geography Teacher

The Year 10 Cafe Foods students completed their cafe cake task this week, based on baking and decorating a cake of choice. Their teamwork and enthusiasm produced excellent results.
The Year 12 Children, Family and Community - General students enjoyed hosting an Anzac biscuit cooking lesson with our Japanese exchange students on Tuesday afternoon. It tied in very nicely with their current task which is based on Harmony week and Multicultural Australia.

Narelle Miller, Home Economics Teacher

Year 11 & 12 Certificate II Hospitality The year 11 and 12 Certificate II Hospitality classes have been involved in catering for several functions during this term. The functions have included both morning and afternoon tea for 150 principals involved in a seminar held at Atwell College, as well as Atwell College staff “Coffee Club” and a parent/staff morning tea for Year 11 and 12 award winners. The Hospitality students are to be commended on the quality and presentation of food produced and the outstanding service they provided to staff and visitors.

Mrs Lana Tonkin and Mrs Helen Galas, Hospitality Teachers


Applications close first term 7 April 2017. To be eligible for the allowance the parent/guardian must hold a Department of Human Services (Centrelink) or Veterans' Affairs card that represents a statement of income for the family. Application forms are available at the College's Main Reception.


Uniform Concepts - Nell Gray has been managing the Atwell College Uniform Program at a new location since November 2016. Their address is Unit 3/9 Yampi Way, Willetton WA 6155. T: 08 9270 4669. They are open every week day 9am-5pm. Thursdays 9am-6pm. Saturdays 9am-1pm. Sunday closed. Please note the uniform shop will be closed from Monday April 10 2017 and re-opening on Tuesday April 19 2017. Also, closed Tuesday April 25 2017.


On the 29th of March, 56 students from both year 10 and 11 attended the RAC BStreetSmart event held at the Perth Arena. The RAC in conjunction with the WA Police Force, Fire and Emergency Service, Royal Perth Hospital and St John Ambulance put on this free event for high school students that are starting the process of obtaining their driver’s license. The event started with a road trauma victim briefly providing his story, which was followed with a re-enactment of a real accident which leads to further discussions on the responsibilities of getting behind the wheel of a car. The scene was designed to show students how emergency services respond to an accident, and the processes they must go through at the scene. The event was very confronting and real with not only the re-enactment, but also guest speakers who have suffered from road trauma. I have never heard 9,000 students so quiet in my life, which demonstrates how real, and eye opening the event was.

Some students comments included: “I shed a tear during that re-enactment”. “How would you be as the parents of someone that lost their life in a car accident”. “One of the best events I have been to”. “I want to be a safe driver”.

This event is a yearly occurrence, and I encourage all students who are offered an invitation to take the opportunity and go as it can be a life changing and saving experience.

Brooke Hughes and Steve Dimech, Year 10 and 11 teachers


YEAR 7: Tuesday 9th May. Language Conventions 45 minutes. Writing 40 minutes. Wednesday 10 May. Reading 65 minutes. Thursday 11 May. Numeracy 60 minutes. Part A Calculator Allowed 50 minutes. Part B Non-calculator 10 minutes.

YEAR 9: Tuesday 9 May. Language Conventions 45 minutes. Writing 40 minutes. Wednesday 10 May. Reading 65 minutes. Thursday 11 May. Numeracy 60 minutes. Part A Calculator Allowed 50 minutes. Part B Non-calculator 10 minutes.

Students are required to take into the test the calculator they currently use at school. Please Click link for more information:


Registrations are now open for Yangebup's sub-junior and junior softball teams. All enquiries to or to Karen on 0409 688 471


Please click link for


Free six session parenting program for parents of teens aged 10-18 years old. For more information email: Phone: 616 40600


South Perth Junior Club are looking for players. Please contact Claudia Therkelsen on 0419 965 728 for more information.


Rosy is an experienced educator, fine artist, and has been exploring the joy of water based painting media for many years. She is offering mixed media beginner painting classes on Thursday afternoons 1-4pm during the April School Holidays for $40pp all materials included. Thurs 13th is Goauche. Thurs 20th is Textured Backgrounds. . Click here to see all of their events. Or use the QR Code below to go straight to our enrolments page.


Click link to view.

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