Vladimir Tod Twelfth Grade Kills By: Chandler winchester

  • Vlad is wrapping up his high school years as a senior at Bathory High in Twelfth Grade Kills. The Slayers are still after him, his father has resurfaced after having been long thought dead, and he still has to answer to the Elysian Council. Vlad's unique powers continue to develop, leading him to further believe that he may in fact be The Pravus, sent to bring peace to the world. Vlad has much to figure out, including who he can trust when no one is what they seem.

About The Author

  • About-A popular young adult fantasy author, she is best known for The Chronicles of Vladimir Tod. The series includes titles such as Ninth Grade Slays and Twelfth Grade Kills.
  • Before Fame-She published her first book, Eighth Grade Bites, in 2007. Dutton Juvenile assumed publication rights for her entire Chronicles of Vladimir Tod series.
  • Trivia-Her other works include The Slayer Chronicles and the Legacy of Tril.
  • Family Life-With her husband, Paul Brewer, she had two children.
  • Associated With-She and Southern Vampire Mysteries author, Charlaine Harris, are both known for their works of fantasy fiction.


  • Life doesn't always go the way you want it to. In the story Vlad is having a rough time. He would rather his life be going differently but it wont. It gets hard sometimes. His father comes back, Otis is being tried in the Vampire Court. He would love to go back to the days when him and his best friend Henry would play video games in his livingroom.
  • Don't trust everyone. In the story Vladimir's Dad comes back, and Vlad trusts him and misses him. It turns out he is plotting against him the whole time. He tries to kill him and his uncle Otis to become a stronger vampire.
  • Fight for who you love. Vladimir has many loved ones he fights to protect on multiple occasions. His Aunt Nellie has taken care of him since his mother and father "died", so he protects her. His Uncle Otis is a father figure to him and they look our for each other and love each other very much. He has a girlfriend named Snow who he loves very much. When the war breaks out, Vlad tries to save her but she takes a turn for the worse.

Book Trailer

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tiEcJM5hlZ

Book Review

  • www.barnesandnoble.com/w/twelfth-grade-kills-heather-brewer/1100043378

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