Family is important marlenne kite runner

It all begins from the start they say ; family usually consists of a mom ,dad and or siblings who care and support you. In the kite runner a historical drama written by Hosseni , the main characters Amir doesn't know he has a bigger family.The only family he knows of is Baba and his mother who died giving Amir birth. Since Baba is his only family member ,he wants his father's love and attention. Amir believes he doesn't get that because he is not like his father ; as a matter fact he thinks he is nothing as his father.

In the novel , Hosseni is trying to let you know that family is very important and even though you don't realize it and think they are horrible people they might be doing good to you.


Since the beginning of the novel Baba is described as an amazing , brave man. Baba is excetionable person that everyone looks up to but it also seems that he doesn't like Amir. When Amir was young he always thought Baba didn't love him. In chapter 18 page 133 after the immigration of Baba and Amir ,Amir thinks that Baba pays more attention to him now than before , he believes that until he realizes Baba had always been the same person. Page 133 in the book proves this ,when it says "Same old baba, I thought smiling. " At this moment Amir realizes Baba has always loved him he had always been the same but couldn't show his affection in cause of his guilt. He knew they just needed that connection and getting to know each other a little more. Later after Baba dies Amir receive a phone call from Rahim who has been asking him to come and visit. He says it is because he has to tell him something but it really is to redeem his sins. Page 192 rahim tells Amir, " There was a way to be good again." This quote shows how Amir cares about Hassan and the strongest reason why Amir decides to come back. Hosseine develops a description of how family is a strong reason why things are done. 

After Baba and Amir immigrated to the US Baba but decided to pay at a frequent store they go to but Mr. Nygen ask for an identification.bottles that's in trouble but I mean helps him because page 120 states that when he tells


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