Elementary Poster Power April MInor

Cognitive development: Elementary school kids are in the concrete operational stage according to Jean Piaget. This means the thoughts of the child become more mature and are able to reason more effectively. The also learn the conservation concept where they know that the same about of something stays the same even if it is put both are placed into different containers.

Physical Development: In this aspect, kids are about to run and control their own speed, throw things with accuracy, and begin sports.

Psychosocial Development: Children are in the stage of Industry vs. Inferiority. This means they are all finding their positions in their school and classroom. Those who are lost seem left out.

Moral Development: Children should usually know right from wrong and determine this through Kohlberg's preconventional stage where decisions are made based on the possible reward or punishment. They may also make decisions based on what others think of them and this explains Kohlberg's conventional stage.

Language Development: Children in elementary school are most likely speaking in sentences and talking constantly. They ask a lot of questions and start to use some descriptive words in their speaking.

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