Are you a school or organization that looks after young kids?

How do you make sure that the kids are picked up by their rightful guardians or adults who have been authorized by their guardians?

Many systems are cumbersome

(manually logging photo ID information that’s checked at pickup time).

These systems are also problematic when a parent needs last minute help from a friend to pickup their kid.

Ujama provides a convenient and efficient solution for safe and secure pickups.

With Ujama’s mobile app, a pickup code is generated for the authorized adult for each individual pickup event.

This pickup code can then be scanned by an attendant (using their own Ujama app) to verify which kids that adult is authorized to pick up.

Ujama then logs the pick up so the history of that event is logged for perpetuity.

With Ujama, it’s easy for a guardian to designate another adult to pick up their kid when they need the help without needing to coordinate with your organization. All your organization has to do is check the pickup code at pickup time.

Using Ujama for pickups is safe and secure, and best of all, is free!

If you would like to learn about making pickup time easier and less stressful, please let me know a convenient time a quick call to see if Ujama can help.

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