Homelessness by sidra azeez

Homelessness is the condition of people without a house or apartment. People don’t have money to buy food or clothes. My issue I am not homeless but it is hard to get a job and money when you are from another country .My family when we got to United States it was hard for my parents to get a job but with help from the Comunity things got a little better with food and money.

A person who is homeless

In my thoughts, 50 years from now there will be no one who will be homeless because the new President will help everyone with money jobs and homes they will live a free life.People will experience enjoyable things in life .The President will make them happy.

I really don’t have anyone in my family that is homeless. But if you talk about someone on the street yesterday I saw a little girl who was homeless.She couldn’t help with anything she had lost her parents.She was trying to make someone help her and nobody listen to her.John Terzian,he helped homeless people the quotes that he said are some of these ''Who we are as human beings if we ignore the suffuring of others''.

The best way i could help people that are homeless is buy giving them money and food but if you can help them make your move give them money food and clothes.Help your country.If i have all the power money houses I would fight the president if i had any power but sadly I don’t.


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