SEVEN THINGS in SEVENTEENTH School of Campus Ministry

SEVEN THINGS that I am grateful to God for in SEVENTEENTH School of Campus Ministry. #feelingthankful #SCM17
#1 Every Nation Leadership Institute
I thank God for the new things that I have learned, from Church History, Old Testament and New Testament Survey, Systematic Theology, Hermeneutics, Apologetics, Homiletics, etc.
I also thank God for the opportunity to meet my classmates from School of World Missions and School of Church Planting.
#2 International and Provincial Classmates
I thank God for the lifetime friendships that we were able to build with our international and provincial classmates.
Now that we are launch out in the field, I am excited to see different tribes and hear different tongues worship Him as one.
#3 Mentors

I thank God for the mentors He has sent and for the impartations I received from them.

With Miss Maya Reynoso. She is helping in our International Campus Ministry. She was recently sent to Singapore to help in our campus ministry there.
With Miss Babes Bato. She is also helping in our International Campus Ministry and believing God to send her to Europe to help out there.
With Miss Lynn Martinez. She is one of the campus missionaries in Victory Ortigas. She has also experienced helping in our International Campus Ministry in Africa.
With our class adviser, Miss Che De-Sagun. She and her husband Pastor Jerry De-Sagun is helping in our church plant in Victory Antipolo.
#4 Not too young. Not too old.

I thank God for showing me that He can use anyone. I've seen that in the lives of my youngest and my oldest classmates.

This is Elias Fredricson, he was 19-years old when he entered School of Campus Ministry. He is determined to start the campus ministry in Sweden. Beside him is Ate Elsa Espino, talk about being young at heart, she is the epitome of it. She is not just young at heart but despite her age (55-years old), the young people is still in her heart. She is reaching out to students in the largest campus in Pampanga.
#5 Requirements (Yes! You've read it right! :D)

I thank God for not just molding our character but also making us competent campus missionaries through our requirements.

STRATEGIC PLANNING. As campus missionaries, we were not just sent to School of Campus Ministry to represent our campuses but to present our plan for these campuses.
PREACHING. Because we are carrying the best message--The Gospel--we were trained how to best communicate the Word. We had five minute preaching drills and in our final preaching, we were asked to preach for ten minutes, it was the most memorable ten minutes of my life.
#6 My parents came to our graduation :')
It was an answered prayer when my parents came to our graduation. Hearing the messages during the commencement exercise, it is my hope and my prayer for them to finally understand and appreciate God's calling in my life.
#7 YOU (Yes, you! :D)

I thank God for YOU.

Thank YOU.

For believing that indeed I AM CALLED.

For partnering with me in advancing God's Kingdom in the campus where I AM SENT.

I thank God for your life. THANK YOU!!!

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