Robb Diggie takes you through a journey on the evolution of hip-hop music and the culture. Diggie A-2 The Progression of Hip-Hop focuses on artists that had an influential impact via healthy discussion, laughter, and inclusivity. Throughout the course of time hip-hop music had numerous artists that paved the way for the artists of today and left their imprint in hip-hop music and the culture. Beginning with season one the 1980’s, season two 1990-1994, season three 1995-1999 and continuing forward highlighting the artists of each era discussed while continuing to bring light to social injustice in the end of each episode. Maintaining the significance of the artist, lyrical skills, impression they had on society during that time-period, achievements, contributions, and always keeping the culture alive this platform thrives to do just that. Tune in weekly via video and/or audio and join a community that is moving forward with this everlasting journey.


Advertising Options & More:

  • YouTube incorporates ads since the channel is monetized. We just decide where we place it.
  • We use social media advertising on the business Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook Business page. We promote the episode via the thumbnail or a mini clip.
  • On the Facebook business page, sometimes I place the link to the entire episode for promotion.
  • On each episode, we have the guest state their name, business, or if they are an artist, etc. So, we provide them the ability to market/advertise themselves and their brand. Therefore, its on the video portion and over 25+ music audio podcast platforms. Which helps for cross target marketing and geographic marketing.
  • For each guest we place in the description under the episode on the YouTube channel their social media handles in case people want to connect with them too.
  • We ask guests to promote it on their social media pages/business pages, and/or website and mention our business for cross-promotion and to bring traction back to the podcast on all platforms, the YouTube channel, and website.
  • On the website we have 3 different episodes that are linked to the channel, so if they click on it, it will take them to the YouTube channel.
  • As well as a link to the Spotify and Apple Podcast platform.
  • On the bottom of our website on one of the pages we have several podcast icons from platforms they can find us. Not all, but a lot of them.
  • We also place the website address and social media handles to our business in the description under the episode on the YouTube channel.
  • We may tag different podcasts and/or businesses in our niche when we promote it via social media with relevant hashtags that we have branded already.
  • We may run Facebook ads and/or Instagram ads. As well as Google Ads/YouTube Advertising.

Additional Information:

All the information pertaining to the website will be relevant once the website is up. It is scheduled to be live no later than Friday, September 10th.


Contact Name: Jessica Dalby

Contact Position: Owner

E-mail: jessica.dalby@diggiea2.com

Phone Number: (913) 240-5005