Lewis and Clark The EXPEDITION of Lewis and Clark

The Crew Of lewis and Clark.

Key Players:

The Captains of the Expedition: Lewis and Clark.
  • Meriwether Lewis- A Captain the is one of the leaders of the Expedition. He start the Expedition with William Clark and discovered hundreds of species.
  • William Clark- Another Captain he is the other leader of the Expedition, join the expedition with Meriwether Lewis and traveled through all the way until the expedition was finished.
  • Richard Warrington- A Corporal in the Expedition of Lewis and Clark, surprisingly is not well notice through the expedition but the only corporal on the expedition.
  • John Boley- A Private, and was reckless and untrained in the start but after Lewis and Clark disciplined him he was one of the best. He used to also sell whiskey.
  • John Dame- He was a private for the Captains of the expedition he was born in new hampshire and wasn't notice much until he killed a pelican while on the route to the missouri river.
The Expedition Accomplishments.

Expedition Accomplishments- They discovered all types of wildlife. Peaceful Cooperation with natives. They created better maps and now they can settle in the west.

The Rough Terrain they faced.

Hardships and Dilemmas- Some hardships that they had to overcome were, fighting against strong currents and shifting sandbars, dangerous hazards caused by navigating rapids and obstacles in the water, traveling over harsh, tough terrain, and small pesky flies.

One of the Plants they discover~ Alkali Cordgrass
One of the Animal Species Found~ American Raven.

Animal and Plant species discovered- Some Animal species they discovered were Aleutian Canada Goose, American Raven, and American (Pale) Goldfinch. Some Plant species that were discovered were Alkali Cordgrass, American Silverberry, and Antelope Bitterbrush.

The Route taken by lewis and clark

Route Taken- They depart from Gettysburg P.A, August 31, 1803: Keelboat completed, Lewis departs Pittsburgh and begins his 981-mile voyage down the Ohio River. October 26, 1803: Lewis and Clark set off down the Ohio River from Clarksville, Indiana. Then headed to Clarksville, Indiana - Paducah, Kentucky after they went around there they again set of to Paducah, Kentucky - Wood River, Illinois, once reaching here later on they set of to St. Louis, Missouri - Kansas City, Missouri, then to Kansas City, Missouri - Omaha, Nebraska, and after 225 miles they headed on a 176 mile journey to Omaha, Nebraska - Yankton, South Dakota, after they left they went to Yankton, South Dakota - Pierre, South Dakota, they left there and went to Pierre, South Dakota - Bismarck, North Dakota, this was one of the last stops, Bismarck, North Dakota - Williston, North Dakota (through New Town, North Dakota), and they set of to the last destination to Williston, North Dakota - Great Falls, Montana. ( Lewis and Clark 1805 route.)

Items taken of Journey.

Tools Taken of Expedition- Mathematical Instruments, Arms & Accoutrements, clothing, Ammunition, Camp Equipment, Provinces and Means of subsistence, Indian Presents, Means of transportation, Medicine, and Materials for making up the Various Articles into portable Packs.

The Lewis and Clark Expedition
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Sacagawea: Guide for the Lewis and Clark Expedition

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