It All Began in a Garden Don & Ramona Moore, High River AB

Nothing says Welcome quite like a sign saying you are!

In the front flowerbed is the first greeting, welcoming you to this lovely garden. As if these busy people don't have enough to do, Don & Ramona Moore maintain a beautiful garden that anyone would be happy to sit in a commune with nature in for awhile.

Daisies are one of my favourite flowers.
Plenty of crazy headed beebalm for the bees.

Unique and unusual poppies

classic roses

and hydrangea coming into bloom.

Beautiful lilies in full bloom.
Wonderful masses of blossoms.

Every square inch of space is devoted to garden.

Soon this - will be...
The gate reminds me of a passageway into the secret garden
There's something appealing about a poppy.
From it's rice paper like petals to it's fun seed heads.
They evoke many emotions.
Created By
Cathy Bennington


C.J. Bennington Fine Art Photography