Museum of Natural History How does the natural world influence humanities?

Nature on Display

The exhibit on extinct mammals and other creatures from the time of the post-cretaceous onward was particularly appealing to me. Seeing all of the large skeletons, and how much the species now have changed from their ancestors was very interesting to me. The information in the museum was also presented in a visually appealing and fun way. I found myself reading most of the descriptions of each of the animals as I passed by them. It was a much more visual and effective way to learn about that sort of history and evolution; if I had read the information on the internet instead, for example, I would not have retained it as well.

Nature and Ethics

The butterfly exhibit gave me a strong sense of the conflict between nature and ethics. Seeing all of the beautiful biodiversity confined in one place with various exotic butterflies and plants from all over the world gave a stark contrast to the semi urban vehicle filled world of Gainesville. The conflict between choosing resources and the economy over protection of variety of species is a very prominent issue and must be addressed in order to protect these magnificent species. They may come as a benefit to society later via medicine or just add color to vibrant ecosystems.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The natural history museum lets us experience the majesty and wonders of nature by providing information and data to inform the visitors. However, there are some things that the museum can not explain, such as the mathematically proportioned rings of sea shells and conches, or their intricate coloring. The museum helps us to step outside our daily comfort zones and see more of the natural world around us.

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