EMS Husky Band Concert November 30th, 2021

Concert Etiquette

Please silence your cell phones & refrain from texting during the concert.

Please do not talk or make noise while music is playing.

Please do not enter or exit while music is playing.

Please take youngsters out if they get noisy.

Please remain seated while music is playing.

Students are receiving 3 test grades for this performance to include uniform, punctual attendance, and behavior/etiquette.

To show enjoyment and appreciation of the group’s performance, applause is the appropriate gesture. A standing ovation indicates extreme enjoyment and respect of the group. Please refrain from shouting.

Concert Band

Directed by Mr. Chris Garza

"Up On The Housetop" - arr. by Michael Sweeney
"iJingle" - arr. by Larry Clark
"Who Let The Elves Out?" - arr. by Victor Lopez

Symphonic Band II

Directed by Mr. Chris Garza

"Joyful Rock" - Ludwig van Beethoven - arr. by Scott Watson
"Diary of a Grumpy Elf" - Timothy Loest - Featuring Narration by Gonzalo Cumaraima
"Tango Bells" - James Pierpont - arr. by Timothy Loest

Symphonic Band I

Directed by Mr. Matt McGann

"Fanfare for a Holiday Celebration" - arr. by Robert W. Smith
"Bell Carol Rock" - Mykola D. Leontovych arr. by Ryan Fraley
"A Crazy Mixed-up Christmas Concert" - David Shaffer

Special Thanks & Acknowledgments

Robin Bullock - AISD Superintendent

AISD School Board

Jeff Turner Turner - AISD Director of Fine Arts

Phil Obado - AISD Director of Bands

Clay Singletary - AHS asst. Band Director who assists EMS Bands & AISD Color Guard Director

Joshua Blankenship - LFC Director of Bands

Steve Knight - AHS Associate Director of Bands

Leslie Norris - Ereckson Principal

Laurie Schaefer & Dewey O'Neill - Ereckson Asst. Principals

Jennifer Wedge, Emily Danner, & Paige Centeno - Ereckson Counselors

All of our AMAZING Secretaries, Nurses, & Custodians

Ereckson Private Lesson Instructors

And of course, our TREMENDOUS Ereckson Band Parents!!


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