Hit Heard Around the World 4256

Pete rose was one of the best baseball players of all time despite the fact he isn’t allowed to be in the hall of fame. He set the world record for most hits in a career standing at 4256 hits. On September 11, 1985, Pete Rose beat Ty Cobb's record of 4189 hits.

Prior to this day Pete Rose was a scrawny man. He was five feet eleven inches tall and 205 pounds but then he worked very hard and grew. His first season he was the rookie of the year in his rookie season.

On the day September 11, 1985 there was a hit heard around the world. The stands were packed and everyone was on their toes. Roses mom saying to a reporter “I hope he gets a hit on the first time up ,so release my tension. Until then I’m gonna have a heart attack.”

As Pete stood in the on deck circle cheers started getting louder and louder as if someone was turning up the speaker of the stadium. As he came to the plate people yelling come on Pete break the record or go Pete.

The pitcher winding up his pitch Pete rose getting ready to load. As the pitch comes in Pete takes an all out swing at it trying to hit it a mile. Then, he realized he just had to calm down.

The next pitch came screaming in, ball. The third pitch of his at bat came with a sparkle and he ripped a clean solid hit into left center field. Fans jumping up and down his mom shedding a tears as her other son hugs her.

Pete trying to show little emotional is stormed by his fellow players and raised up onto their shoulders. Finally when everything “settles down” his son Pette storms the field and gives his dad a hug.

This day in history is one that will never be forgot. Pete Rose changed the name of baseball for ever. There are some records that are considered unbreakable such as Wilt Chamberlain’s one hundred point game, Joe DiMaggio's 56-game hit streak, Da la salle 151 game win streak, or Michael Jordan's 866 consecutive games with 10 points or more just like this one I think that 4256 career baseball hits in unbreakable and with stay like that for forever.


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