Stocks Market Project Amaury halley

Reshearch Paragraph:

There is no difference between a stock and a share they are both a part of a companies that you can buy and then resell for either more or less money depending of the market. A dividend is the distribution of the profit your company made in a year with all the people which have a share. For example, my company made 1000$ and I have 4 people with a share I will each give them 250$. Some of the major world market are NASDAQ, New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), London Stock Exchange, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange and SIX swiss exchange. A Ticker Symbol is an abbreviation of a certain company’s name, to be able to find the company easily. A mutual fund is when multiple investor, invest money together to buy a share/ invest in a company. Supply and Demand is the act of selling your share for more or less money that you bought it. Example; If nobody wants my share but I want to sell it I will demand and make my share cheaper than before so that people will start to get interested. On the other hand if people are already interested that I will put the price of my share higher because I can then make profit. What are the pros and cons of investing in the stock market? A positive fact about investing in a company is that if the market goes up then you can then sell your share for much more money than your originally bought it from. Also if it is your company and you put in on the stock market people might think it is good investment, they will then place money in your company which will allow to keep on expanding. A negative fact about placing your company on the stock market if that if people think another company is better and yours isn’t good enough then you won’t have any investors.

Half way Re Evaluation:

The company which is doing the best is amazon even if it in is the negative, because Gopro is 40 percent down but amazon only 8, so Gopro is my worst company. The Gopro stock have be decreasing a lot because they release a new drone which didn’t work very well and had battery problems. Gopro then announced they will refine everyone who bring it back to the shop,so they lost money. For Amazon I don’t really know but I think it is because they reached their pique and now they are going down. I sold the Faiveley Transport socks because they reached their highest point and they are no lower so I was right. I also sold the Golar Limited stock I owned because I was losing money and then it went up I didn’t to lose money so I sold them. I bought International Paper’s stock because of Donald Trump. I saw on a website that if Donald Trump was to be elected it would go up and so I invested in that. I I could go back I would not invest in GoPro because it has done he complete opposite of want I was expeting.

Final Reflection

In my portfolio my best company was Faiveley Transport and Amazon. I bought Faiveley Stocks for 96 euros and sold them all for 100 which made me 4 euros profit per share. Amazon on the other is another story. I bought stocks and then the stock went really high, I then sold it. At this point I was doing great until I decided to buy more but it just went down and now it is one of my worst companies. My worst company is Go Pro Inc. because the stock are -40% the price that I bought them at. The reason why is because Go Pro launched a drone but the drone didn’t work out how they wanted it to. It had a problem with it’s battery, they then had to refine everyone who bought one.

If I were to redo this project I would not invest in Go Pro and not reinvest in Amazon. On the other side I would invest in Nintendo because the stock are twice as high then in September. Also I would keep my original companies and not always be trading because it take some time for the stock to really change. I would invest in faiveley transport because that really worked out. Another company in which I would invest would be Ryanair because in went on 8% in one month. From investing in the stock market I learned multiple things. First, you can go from having a lot of money to being really poor. For example I was 5th and the next day 41th. Secondly, never listen to other people advice. I listened to some of my friend and they made me invest in companies that went down. What I neared was to always invest in the companies that you personally researched into and not other. What I also learned was that you have to invest in companies that are going to be bought and not company that have already been bought. I invested in SRPT which is a medical company because it’s stock just raised, for the first day it was good but afterward it just went down. What I should have done i invest in it before the stock raise and then sell it.

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