DTC #65: Marrow & MElody Makers Walk the road worn by rockers while drinking and dining like a star.





Catch the sunset with some wine and weird views on the namesake strip.

Step back in to time with a photo gallery dedicated to rock and roll greatness.

Dine like a rockstar at a French restaurant experience like none other.

The Morrison Hotel may seem tiny but their collection spans over 100,000 images from a number of the world best photographers including Michael Joseph, David Magnus and Jesse Frohman.
Stop 1

Strange Sunset Views on Sunset

• 45 minutes before the sunset •

Sunset Blvds buzzy pre-evening vibe swarms the sidewalk cafés and open air drinking joints as you head to your first location...

  • The international chain can be experienced on the back deck or on the sidewalk, you decide. The back deck does have a sunset view but, fair warning, it does also have a parking lot view. Cant win em all, but it’s a cool place for a drink.
  • Every month an exotic car show takes place in the lot below, making this deck prime hang out. It’s usually from 9-11am, perfect mimosa hangs.
Stop 2

Rock & Roll history in a Rock & Roll hotel

• Post Sunset •

Not a handful of steps down the dark sidewalk of Alta Loma Road do you feel a hundred miles away from the Sunset Strip madness...

  • This gallery boasts over 100,000 images from rock history at three locations, NY, Maui and LA. There is a rotating focus at each location, the time we went was jazz, next would be Keith Richards.
  • Feeling the vibe of the Sunset Marquis? Head across the lobby to Bar 1200 for a cocktail. If it’s Tuesday they have a piano player starting at 9pm.
  • BONUS: Walk through the lobby to the pool then turn left to walk down the staircase to the basement. Down the far right hallway is Nightbird Studio. If they have no musicians in they’ll show you a tour. Regardless it’s a rad spot to check out with recent hits recorded there like "Havana" by Camila Cabello and Kanye’s "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy."
Stop 3

A dinner like a rockstar

• after gallery visit •

The excitement becomes palpable as you step into the modern French experience of Tesse. Friends share cocktails at the bar while couples sample the nights intricate dishes and groups celebrate with clinks of wine glasses...

  • Absolutely call in to make a reservation for Tesse, plan about an hour after the sunset for this date.
  • The wine! Tesse has wines that are exclusively available only through their restaurant and neighboring wine shop Boutellier. They’re marked on the wine menu with a “T”.

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