Roger Daltrey was 69 when he discovered he had Meningitis

Roger was an actor and singer. Later on in life he become the lead singer of The Who, as he was on tour after concerts he notice he would have been getting headaches and dizzy, legs and feet were hurting all the time

Roger went to the hospital and after a week of them running test trying to figure out what was wrong they came up with nothing. Roger just end up thinking it was because of the long nights and loud music. Few weeks later he found himself back on the ground agony. He said "There were a couple of days there when I didn’t think I was going to make it.”

Roger always had non-stop headaches and fevers. But that didn't stop him from keeping up with his fans and trying to have a speedy recovery by saying "he was okay but really was not"

After people around Roger notice that he wasn't doing well they went back to the hospital and doctors had finally diagnosed him with Meningitis. He said there were so many antibiotics and how much cortisone. But after there was a long awful recovery process and after-affect were still the headaches and dizziness.

At the age of 72 Roger is trying to live a full health happy life. And nothing is going to hold him back.


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