Progress Blog By:Jackson, Cam, David, Toby

Progress Report - Week 1

For week one, we did a lot in preparation for our Renaissance Fair. On the fist day, all we really did was research about our topic, which is Isaac Newton. Lots and lots of research. This enabled us to become more familiar and comfortable with our topic. On the next day we finished up our research on Issac Newton and continued our notes.

In this photo, Toby can be seen playing Clash of Clans.

We then proceeded to assign different topics throughout the four members of our group. First was Jackson. Jackson was assigned to create a paragraph about Isaac Newtons discoveries in the field of physics. Next was me (cam). I was assigned to right a paragraph about the discoveries involving newtons methods in fluxions and calculus. So basically his findings as a mathematician. Next was David. David was assigned to write a paragrph about Isaac Newtons improvements on the reflective telescope. And lastly, Toby is being assigned to create a paragraph about Isaac Newtons life, so basically biography.

The next day, we researched our specific topics on Isaac Newton, which went well. Off and on again, we would come back to the lingering question on what our creative piece would consist of. We came to the idea of a replica of a reflective telescope, but in fear it wouldn't be enough, we are still trying to come up with a second creative piece. The idea of demonstrating each law of motion quickly became more and more promising as our brainstorming continued.

Progress Report - Week 2

This week, we have made great progress in both our individual blogs and creative piece. So far, we have drafted a design for the creative piece, and decided on what materials we are going to use. With the individual blogs, everyone has at least 2 paragraphs completed, putting us on track to finish early, which allows us to have more time to focus on the other aspects of the project.

Jackson is drawing a draft of the materials we will use for our creative piece.

The biggest progress we made this week was with our creative piece, which is a demonstration of Newton's three laws of motion. First, we drafted ideas of how we would present our project. We decided on making a wooden platform with foam balls hanging from it. Next, Cam drew the dimensions and built the platform at his house. He also made a nice video to go along with it. We have also decided on what characters we will have in our presentation, and who will play them. Jackson will be Galileo, Cam will play Kepler, I (David) will be Isaac Newton, and we have no clue who Toby will be. Each person we chose to play in our presentation either was friends with Isaac Newton, or aided in his discoveries.

Next, we made an outline of what we are going to work in this weekend. This includes finishing up our individual blogs, extending the dimensions of our creative piece, and working on our costumes. If we complete each task, we will be ahead of schedule, which is always a good thing.

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