Whites, Blacks and Colors By Edwin Bonilla

Our nation has been referred to as “The Great Melting Pot,” a country that has mixed races and nationalities. Who reality is far from what people think. America and the world are going down not because of global warming, not terrorism, not crime. It’s because of racism people, More than 87,000 racist incidents are recorded in schools each year

It is clear that the United States has a long way to go towards racial equality because even young children are learning to discriminate against people who do not look like them. Research shows that babies as young as 3-months old prefer their own race.

Our country needs more help racial justice in this country is clear, especially when watching professional sports. White NBA referees call more fouls on black players, Black NBA referees call more fouls on white players.

Some people in the U.S didn’t even think that we would have a black president that was about 50 years but that was when Martin Luther King thought but we have a black president.

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