WHITTLEY 2016 Interactive brochure

History, 63 years in the making

Launched by Jim and Ossie Whittley in 1953, Whittley has evolved into one of Australia's most recognised and trusted marine brands.

Australia's most awarded trailer boat builder


Three premium model ranges:


Luxury trailerable sportscruisers designed for adventurous families with a wanderlust


Legendary offshore-focussed family sportfishers infused with renowned Whittley cruiser DNA


A value-oriented family-fishing series designed for today's high-tech outboards


Whittley Cruisers just make sense.

Compact enough to tow and powered by an array of efficient powerplants, they’re your home away from home with waterfront views that stretch on forever. All the creature comforts are at your disposal and cleverly disappear when not in use.

Cruisers are available in a range of sizes to suit every budget and lifestyle. From the compact CR2080, to our floating apartment, the CR2800, each model has a versatile layout and huge breadth of ability. Every member of your crew is catered for and no-one is left out.

Cruise, ski, fish...live.

FF2100 Hybrid

One boat...endless possibilities
Compact helm keeps the skipper informed and in control
Clever storage abounds aboard the compact FF2100
Why not invite a fish or two over for dinner
Enjoy the nightlife wherever your adventure takes you


Maximum People: 6

Hull Length: 5.30m ( excludes extended rear platform)

Overall Length: 6.90m ( includes extended rear platform)

Beam: 2.20m

Deadrise: 19 Degrees

Fuel Capacity: 100L

Freshwater Capacity: 40L

Max Horsepower: 200hp (sterndrive)

Hull Weight: 900kg (includes extended rear platform)

Dry Weight BMT: 1600kg (includes extended rear platform)

Std Engine: Volvo Penta V6-200G

Trailer: Mackay MLKR50T-13-M

CR2080 Cruiser

Your perfect getaway machine...fun-sized
Leather-wrapped steering wheel sets the stage
Spacious double berth hides on-board toilet and storage
Pull-out workbench maximises useable space
Removable camper-back panels offers privacy and convenience
Also available as an outboard-powered version (alternate spec)


Maximum People: 6

Hull Length: 5.30m

Overall Length: 6.20m

Beam: 2.20m

Deadrise: 19 Degrees

Fuel Capacity: 100 Litres

Freshwater Capacity: 40 Litres

Max Horsepower: 200hp (sterndrive)

Max Horsepower: 150hp (outboard)

Hull Weight: 827kg

Dry Weight BMT: 1660kg (sterndrive)

Dry Weight BMT: 1523kg (outboard)

Std Engine: Volvo Penta V6-200G SX Drive

Trailer: Mackay MLKR50T-13-M

CR2180 Cruiser

An evolution of the species...
Driver's seat hides a plumbed freshwater sink and workbench
Home is where your Whittley is, but knitting needles and yarn are optional
Comfort and convenience are not optional extras, but standard fare
Convertible camper-back can be configured to your family's needs


Maximum People: 6

Hull Length: 5.50m

Overall Length: 6.90m (includes rear platform)

Beam: 2.33m

Deadrise: 19 Degrees

Fuel Capacity: 112 Litres

Freshwater Capacity: 40 Litres

Max Horsepower: 240hp (sterndrive)

Hull Weight: 990kg (including extended rear platform)

Dry Weight BMT: 1860kg

Std Engine: Volvo Penta V6-200G SX Drive

Trailer: Mackay MLKR50T-13-M

CR2380 Cruiser

This trend-setter turns corners - and heads...
Action station features tilt helm and multi-axis driver's seat
Inviting cabin takes advantage of the CR2380's generous beam
Optional rear berth infills will accomodate another couple or up to four kids
Integrated galley features a fridge, plumbed sink and single-burner stove
Upholstered rear lounge accommodates a boat load of gear


Maximum People: 7

Hull Length: 6.00m

Overall Length: 7.05m

Beam: 2.44m

Deadrise: 20 Degrees

Fuel Capacity: 208L

Freshwater Capacity: 100L

Max Horsepower: 280hp (sterndrive)

Hull Weight: 1379kg (std configuration)

Dry Weight BMT: 2403kg

Std Engine: Volvo Penta V6-200G SX Drive

Trailer: Mackay MLKR57T-14-HB (3000kg rating)

CR2600 Cruiser

Mid-sized cruiser with maximum potential...
Generous helm and lockable cabin defines the CR2600's intent
Spacious cabin with elevated berth provides comfort for your creatures
Let Mother Nature in or shut her out...the choice is yours
Fully-equipped galley is a gourmet chef's delight


Maximum People: 8

Hull Length: 6.75m

Overall Length: 8.05m

Beam: 2.50m

Deadrise: 19 Degrees

Fuel Capacity: 200L

Freshwater Capacity: 100L

Max Horsepower: 380hp

Hull Weight: 1850kg (std configuration)

Dry Weight BMT: 2960kg

Std Engine: Volvo Penta V6-200G SX Drive

Trailer: Mackay MLKR65-T-14HD (3500kg rating)

CR2800 Cruiser

The ULTIMATE trailerable seaside resort...
The CR2800 "flight deck" keeps the skipper informed and in control
Open air alfresco deck is a self-contained family zone with magical views
Absolute waterfront accommodation is guaranteed
Private head features a plumbed freshwater shower and toilet


Maximum People: 9

Hull Length: 7.50m

Overall Length: 9.0m (overall)

Beam: 2.50m

Deadrise: 19 Degrees

Fuel Capacity: 208L

Freshwater Capacity: 100L

Max Horsepower: 380hp (sterndrive)

Hull Weight: 2100kg (std configuration)

Dry Weight BMT: 3236kg

Std Engine: Volvo Penta V6-280G Duoprop

Trailer: Mackay AL-70TX-14-HD-HB (3500kg rating)

SL Sea Legend Series

Adventure: it’s what we all crave but often exists just outside our grasp – around the headland, behind the breakers...beyond the horizon.

It’s not too rough, too deep, too far. Not in a Whittley.When excuses flowed faster than the currents we chase, we found the solution and crafted a legend...a Sea Legend.

Here is a machine that bucks trends and illustrates once and for all that a “proper” fishing boat doesn’t have to be stripped of creature comforts.

Available in 3 sizes from 6.5m to more than 8m, Sea Legends are finely honed and built for business; never sparse or one-dimensional. Ergonomic helms, full-length bunks, chemical toilets, lined cabins and bunk in-fills encourage you to extend your day on the water rather than race back to the ramp. Family friendly, they’re as adept at towing your giggling kids as they are at towing lures.

Game on!

SL 22 Sea Legend

Whatever your prey, this is your weapon...
Elevated helm and low profile cabin gives the skipper a commanding view
The SL22 thoughtful layout is perfect for a short-handed crew
Fish on!
SL22 proves a stable platform even with two crew wrangling a feisty Marlin


Maximum People: 7

Hull Length: 6.50m

Overall Length: 6.59m

Beam: 2.26m

Deadrise: 23 Degrees

Fuel Capacity: 210L

Freshwater Capacity: 20L (removable tank)

Max Horsepower: 280hp (sterndrive)

Max Horsepower: 225hp (outboard)

Dry Weight BMT: 1949kg (sterndrive)

Dry Weight BMT: 1795kg (outboard)

Std Engine: Volvo Penta V6-200G SX Drive

Trailer: Mackay MLKR57T-13-HB (2600kg rating)

SL24 Sea Legend

Winner of Australia's Greatest Boats 2014
Large dash accommodates big-screen head units and all accessories
Hard top, spacious family-friendly layout and an abundance of storage
Minimal intrusion from the sterndrive installation
Integrated dive platform offers a myriad of possibilities


Maximum People: 7

Hull Length: 6.81m

Overall Length: 7.30m

Beam: 2.46m

Deadrise: 23 Degrees

Fuel Capacity: 250L

Freshwater Capacity: 130L

Max Horsepower: 380hp (sterndrive)

Max Horsepower: 250hp (outboard)

Dry Weight BMT: 2622kg (sterndrive)

Dry Weight BMT: 2450kg (outboard)

Std Engine: Volvo Penta V6-200G SX Drive

Trailer: Mackay MLKR65T-14LS-HB (3200kg rating)

SL26 Sea Legend

Born to tackle Mother Nature head on
Up to 380 Volvo Penta-tuned horses makes even crusty old salts smile
A private head is an uncommon yet welcome touch in this class
Yep, you read it right....380 rampaging horses, baby
SL26 with optional hard top is also available with single or twin outboards


Maximum People: 8

Hull Length: 7.30m

Overall Length: 7.74m (not including optional rear platform)

Beam: 2.46m

Deadrise: 23 Degrees

Fuel Capacity: 250L

Freshwater Capacity: 100L

Max Horsepower: 380hp (sterndrive)

Max Horsepower: 350hp (outboard)

Dry Weight BMT: 2975kg (sterndrive & hard top)

Dry Weight BMT: 2775kg (outboard & hard top)

Std Engine: Volvo Penta V6-200G SX Drive

Trailer: Mackay MLKR70T-14-HD-HB

CW Outboard Series

Not everyone wants or needs to prove their angling "manhood" by lugging around a fishing boat that qualifies for its own post code and now that the average housing block in the 'burbs has shrunk to something with less square meterage than a postage stamp, storage space or rather the lack thereof is becoming an all-to-common problem.

Available in three easy-to-tow and easy-to-store sizes: 4.85m (CW1600), 5.75m (CW1900) and 6.5m (CW2150), the CW's are "real" Whittleys built to take advantage of the current crop of high-tech outboards providing an ideal entrée to the world of high quality Australian fibreglass boats.

If no fuss, hose-it-out-at-the-end-of-the-day boating is on your agenda, one of Whittley's budget-friendly CW rigs might be your ideal fishing buddy. By trimming down the frills and maximising the thrills, Whittley's outboard-powered fleet of go-anywhere rigs are functional and affordable family-friendly fish catching machines.

Please note that the CW Series is not available in all international markets. Consult your local brand captains for further information.

What are you waiting for?

CW1600 Outboard

Small boat with big attitude...
It might be small in stature, but the CW1600 is big on potential
Optional anchor winch makes staying put a breeze
Rear utility bin can be plumbed as a live bait well
Removable rear 1/4 seats flank the optional built-in fuel tank


Maximum People: 5

Hull Length: 4.80m

Overall Length: 5.00m

Beam: 2.14m

Deadrise: 12 Degrees

Fuel Capacity: 60L (optional)

Max Horsepower: 90hp

Max Engine Weight: 175kg

Hull Weight: 525kg

Dry Weight: 1000kg (approximate - engine dependent)

Trailer: Mackay MLKR47-13-M (1350kg rating)

CW1900 Outboard

Mid-sized marvel...
Generous dash will accomodate large-format head units with ease
Split windscreen and walk-though deck opens up the possibilities
Dedicated moulded anchor locker can be option with a drum winch kit
Removable rear lounge and uncluttered fishing cockpit are highlights


Maximum People: 6

Hull Length: 5.50m

Overall Length: 5.75m

Beam: 2.25m

Deadrise: 19 Degrees

Fuel Capacity: 120L

Max Horsepower: 150hp

Max Engine Weight: 205kg

Dry Weight: 1400kg (approximate - engine dependent)

Trailer: Mackay MLKR50T-13-M (1850kg rating)


Fishing space capsule...
Ample dash space for head units up to 12" or a pair of sevens
Chemical toilet is one of many standard conveniences
Bait fisho's will love the generous cockpit and clean transom
Walk-through deck opens up fishing possibilities

Maximum People: 7

Hull Length: 6.50m

Overall Length: 6.50m

Beam: 2.48m

Deadrise: 19 Degrees

Fuel Capacity: 205L

Max Horsepower: 230hp (approximate - engine dependent)

Max Engine Weight: 350kg

Dry Weight: 1800kg (outboard)

Trailer: Mackay MLKR57T-13-HB (2600kg rating)

Volvo Penta Sterndrives

Volvo Penta's game-changing NEXT GENERATION series of petrol sterndrives provide the standard propulsion package for each Whittley CR Cruiser and SL Sea Legend. Available in 200, 240 and 280HP variants, these all alloy freshwater-cooled power plants are mated to either SX (single prop) or optional Duoprop (twin prop) drives for unrivalled performance, unheard of economy and benchmark low emission levels. Larger models can also be upgraded to the all new Next Generation 5.3L V8 in 300 and 350HP variants.

Featuring a boat load of industry-leading innovations, the Next Generation engines showcase state-of-the-art technology that rewrites the rule book on what sterndrives are capable of:

Standard Freshwater Cooling

It’s no secret, engines with fresh water cooling last longer and run better. Our closed loop cooling system eliminates exposure to saltwater, providing greater engine durability and higher resale value.

Direct Fuel Injection

The move from multi-port technology to direct injection means atomized gas enters the combustion chamber at 2250 psi. Compression ratios of up to 11.5:1 create a cleaner burn and fewer emissions. So more energy comes from each drop of fuel.

Variable Valve Timing

We refused to accept the compromise of a fixed camshaft. Variable valve timing now allows each movement of the intake and exhaust valve to be optimized for speed and load. You’ll have higher torque and acceleration across the full range of RPM’s.

Lightweight Alloy Block

Our new lightweight aluminum blocks weigh 41 lbs. less than older cast-iron models. Low-friction, lightweight pistons and a cast aluminum oil pan help us provide up to 15% improvement in the power-to-weight ratio.

Wideband Oxygen Sensors

Our new wideband oxygen sensors read a greater range of air/fuel values. Now engine performance is optimized regardless of altitude, weather or variable fuel blends.

...all wrapped up in a compact, easy-to-maintain package...and it's red!

To find out more click on the link below

Optional High-Tech Diesel Power

Volvo Penta's D3 Diesel does incredible things despite its diminutive platform. Displacing a mere 2.4 litres, this 5-cylinder turbocharged powerplant is a frugal marvel that also surprises with its quiet and refined engine note. Available in 140, 170 and 220HP variants, the D3 was pivotal to Whittley's SL24 HT taking the crown as Trailerboat Magazine's Australia's Greatest Boat 2014. Volvo Penta's mighty 4-cylinder supercharged and turbocharged D4 is optional on larger vessels. Please discuss the options with your local dealer.

The 30 Second Flush

Everyone hates flushing their engines, right? Traditional flushing of the engine is rendered all but obsolete with the standard inclusion of Volvo Penta's Neutra-Salt Flushing System which allows the engine to be flushed at the push of a button, before you leave the boat - in mere seconds.

For further information on any new Whittley package, please consult your local brand captain


Western Australia

All Boats and Caravans (08) 9309 4200

South Australia

Yamaha Pitmans Marine (08) 8349 7599


Whittley Victoria Sales (03) 8339 1800

New South Wales (North)

Terrace Boating (02) 4983 5600

New South Wales (South)

Hunts Marine Sydney (02) 9546 1324


Northside Marine (07) 3265 8000


Hong Kong

Oceanaire Marine (852) 3753-9169

New Zealand

Bensemann Marine +64 9-818 5604

United States of America

P: (319) 440 0157

E: kecrowell@gmail.com


Whittley Marine Group +613 8339 1800

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