Great Park Ice & FivePoint Arena Irvine, CA

Architect : LPA Inc.

Project Category : Public Recreation

Total Construction Cost : $104,000,000

Total Gross Square Feet : 280,000

Approximate Cost Per Square Foot : 371

How was the facility funded? : Part of a public-private partnership with the Irvine Ice Foundation

Project Description:

The journey can be as enjoyable as the destination, as evidenced by Great Park Ice & FivePoint Arena, which takes wayfinding in wonderful new design directions beyond historically straightforward and staid ice facilities.

Visitors are greeted with enumerated vertical billboards on the building exterior, depicting locations of each rink in a four-pad linear layout. This side-by-side rink orientation is further served indoors by a 660-foot lobby, wide enough to provide gathering and warmup space, and punctuated by bright-orange portals into each individual venue. The building length terminates with an arena and auxiliary spaces serving the training needs of the NHL’s Anaheim Ducks.

Passage from exterior to interior is designed to depict the changing stages of water: vapor along an exterior that includes distinctly Californian park-like amenities, liquid along the wave-shaped lobby, and finally the solid ice itself.

“The concept of water in its three forms is compelling and well-expressed in the building form and detailing,” said one judge. “The interior design and use of color are bold and courageous.”

“The Great Park Ice & FivePoint Arena goes above and beyond the expected for this type of facility. I really enjoyed the restrained black and white interiors palette contrasted with the in-your-face orange and blue accent colors.” — William Schenck

“A fun and exciting combination of color and materials at the main entry and within the lobby of this large facility offers an energetic wayfinding experience for visitors.” — Katie Barnes