Rubidium By chandler winchester


  • Element symbol: Rb
  • Element name: Rubidium
  • Atomic number: 37
  • Protons- 37 Neutrons- 47 Electrons-37
  • Atomic mass: 84.468
Can be a liquid at ambient temperature, but is solid at room temperature
  • Is this element a metal, non-metal, or metalloid? Metal
  • Robert Bunsen and Gustav Kirchhoff discovered this element
  • Discovered in 1861
  • Rubidium is used in vacuum tubes as a getter, a material that combines with and removes trace gases from vacuum tubes. It is also used in the manufacture of photocells and in special glasses. Since it is easily ionized, it might be used as a propellant in ion engines on spacecraft
Physical and Chemical Properties
  • Physical Properties: soft, silvery-white metallic element, has a melting point of 39.48 degrees celsius
  • Chemical Properties: highly reactive, if ignites can cause thermal burns (flammable), radioactive
Random Facts
  1. Named after the latin word for "deep red"
  2. Rubidium is the 25th most abundant element found on Earth
  3. According to Chemicool, the abundance of rubidium in the Earth’s crust is 90 parts per million by weight and 30 parts per million by weight in the solar system


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