Power edTech Weekly November 23, 2020


Thank you for everything you are doing. This has been such a weird year. You're doing great! Be good, enjoy some food, and relax.

This week's updates include instructions on how to set up Zoom links for your Parent/Teacher Conferences, how to disable virtual backgrounds in Zoom, cooperative and collaborative tools, and some cool Zoom updates!

Also, don't forget, as we transition to hybrid learning, I am available to help you with getting ready for the challenge of teaching your in-person students alongside the online students! Send me an email, or choose a time that works for you for us to talk about digital resources, classroom logistics, and anything else that comes to mind.

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This Week’s Quick Tips!

Set Up Zoom for Parent/Teacher Conferences

To get prepared for upcoming parent/teacher conferences, you’ll want to set up a meeting separate from your regular classroom meeting links. Here’s what you need to do. Learn more...

Quick Tip: Disable Virtual Backgrounds in Zoom

Virtual backgrounds are a great way to set a mood, prepare a class for a particular topic, or give a very important announcement. But, they can also be a distraction. Like all distractions that are inherent in using technology, I always recommend the first step be to use it as a “teachable moment.”. Learn more...

Cooperative and Collaborative Tools in the Digital Classroom

There are a number of tools available to encourage cooperation and collaboration across digital, hybrid, remote, and in-person classrooms. From low-tech tools like the telephone to high-tech services like Zoom and Google Meet, students and teachers can stay connected and interact in ways never seen before. Learn more...

Zoom Updates

Zoom released a flurry of new updates over the past week. Some of them are very useful for the digital classroom. Here’s what to look out for. Learn more...

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