here is ... viv how do you do?

viv serving a late-night dessert ... moelleux au chocolat!

COOK, BAKE, WRITE, TEACH. These are the four verbs that grace viv’s everyday.

As a writing teacher for 15 years, and a pretend baker and cook for much longer than that, viv has emerged from that cocoon of silly pretending.

She bakes irresistible hot cross buns, a sensuous moelleux au chocolat, a fine soufflé au chocolat; and she makes a ratatouille even Rémy the rat would approve, plus vivi macaroni, a chicken macaroni soup that calls out the name of many.

hot cross buns ... six spices, three fruits, and a cross kissed with sugar-laced citrus butter

Parlez-vous French? Oui, she speaks it! So bug her with your French verbs, your vin and your veau, and your poule and your pot. And pray tell, how do you pronounce boeuf bourguignon? She speaks konnichiwa too, so come with your questions, all ye who go wakaranai, come with those cooking verbs and complex kanjis!

Soufflé au Chocolat with Crème Anglaise à l'Orange

These days, she’s not just baking or cooking or tinkering in her own kitchen, she’s sharing her culinary and pastry skills as well. Come join her in her perfection-crazed ways! It’s true she tends to chase perfection in everything she does—writing included—but she has come to realize that

perfection is nothing more than a state of mind framed by practice and patience, and an adoration of all things elegant and beautiful.

And part of this wisdom revealed itself to her over her two-week internship at Bacchanalia, a Michelin-star restaurant, in July 2016—the very year she followed up on every advice Marie Kondo had revealed in her book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up.

ratatouille ... roasted red & yellow bell peppers | italian eggplant | zucchini | tomato concassé | fried garlic

Sure, she lit up to all the wonders and alchemy of baking over her five months at baking school later that year into early 2017, but she also took in the darker side of the kitchen as well, the side that all her chefs wanted and needed her to see:

the sore backs and tired feet, the oven burns and bruised egos, the saltiest of swear words spewing forth everywhere, and above all, the brutal hard work.

Yes, Chef, it’s brutal, she knows!

That’s why she’s still hanging out in her home kitchen, one she’s designed herself. It’s a space that's home to craft and joy and delight, and a space that speaks to the hunger of every belly from neighbor to student, friend, and family.

vivi macaroni ... macaroni in chicken broth | sous vide chicken | onsen tamago | shaoxing-sautéed shiitake | home-fried shallots

* * *

vivienne yeo is a baker, a home cook, and a writer with a weakness for pots and pans, and a soft spot for cookbooks, fine cutlery, and cool crockery



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Vivienne Yeo


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