Learning Objective #2

monthly view

my monthly view is very hard to plan out even with all of the syllabus notations deadlines and exams change dates all of the time.so what helps me is to always keep my work schedule on an excel file so that i can always know when i need to work. one thing that is also very hard about planning out a monthly calendar is that my creative inquires don't always meet at the same time every week. but overall it is very good to have this on paper or on file to just have a general look into the future.


the hardest part about organizing my weeks is that its so subject to change. int he picture above i showed my week and honest to good none of it really went the way that it should have. monday was really the only day that actually went well then tuesday is where everything started getting thrown out of wack. after my exam finished my test i felt completly drained so i decided to go home and take a nap. i forgot to set an alarm and procedded to wake up at 11 so i began to work on my portfolio half asleep i might add so i really wasn't accomplishing anything about 12:30 i ate lunch with some friends and i socialized till about 1:45 then i needed to head to class. after such a big meal i was really sleepy and that caused me to not pay attention well in class i then went to work where i spent the majority of my day still not feeling 100% i got off of work at 5:30 and reviewed my bio notes till dinner at 7 after that i gave my portfolio a half hearted effort then gave up and started watching Netflix and ended up going to be earlier than i should have. this is just a prime example on how sometimes a small thing can throw off your entire plan and i shouldn't have allowed that to happen.

daily journals

the worst part about the daily journals was trying to keep up with everything that i did during the day and how often i went off of my plans. for me my schedule changes so suddenly. these three days actually happened to be my most calm except for Monday where i ended up staying very late to help out with some thing at work that i probably shouldn't have concerned my self with. for me what helps the most is just having my class schedule on my phone and in excel files because it reminds me to go to class and at the end of the day when im on my computer or my phone it reminds me to check for assignment for those classes.

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