Ranking The Han dynasty(PERSIA GUIDELINES) anwesha dhara

The Han dynasty was most influential and remembered in intellectual achievements.

The Han dynasty is extremely intellectual and this is because the Han was unlike any other dynasty, the emperor was once a peasant. This emperor, Liu Bang was thoughtful and won the hearts of the people. Liu bang also known as Han Gaozu. He had insight and under his dynasty the Chinese were able to create mind blowing things like paper. There was also the fact that under the Han dynasty the great wall was altered to serve its purpose of protecting the people. This was a very smart thing to do on behalf of the ruler.

Rank out of 10: 8

the Han dynasty least excelled in politics

The law was also quite unjust For example, A father would be given a much less severe sentence for murdering a son than if a son murdered his father. Women had certain rights under Han law. It was against the law for husbands to physically abuse their wives. Rape cases were also commonly filed in court and were punished by Han law. Women could level charges against men in court, while it was commonly accepted in Han jurisprudence that women were capable of telling the truth in court. However the case with women was actually agreeable and just. This can be claimed because not everything was great for the family of Liu Bang, as he died, his wife known as Lu Zhou tried to take over what Liu Bang once ruled. She did this by killing those who were close to Liu Bang and replaced generals with family members. But in the end she had failed to do so. The Han politics was corrupt and the disputes politically generally lasted for 15 years.

Rank out of 10: 4

the economical position of the Han dynasty

The Economy of the Han dynasty was booming after the silk road was created. The Silk road was the main trade area of the Han dynasty and the trade in turn resulted in an economic boost. however like all dynasties the period of economic boom was for only a certain amount of time afterwards the dynasty did fall

Rank out of 10: 7

the social position of the Han dynasty

The gap between rich and poor was already a serious problem. Sima Qian reports about this period that exploiters “were busy accumulating wealth and forcing the poor into their hire”. This does not suggest a very successful social status. 'Legalism' was the label created by Han scholars to describe the socio-political philosophy formulated largely by Shen Buhai (d. 340 BCE), Shang Yang (d. 338 BCE), and Han Fei (c. 280 – c. 233 BCE), a philosophy which stressed that government had to rely on a strict system of punishments and rewards to maintain law and order.

Rank out of 10: 5

the religious position of the dynasty

  1. Introduction of Buddhism to China.
  2. Confucianism was made the official state ideology during the time of Emperor Wu Di, who built an academy solely devoted to the works of Confucius.
  3. however The Han historian Sima Qian wrote that he once met a Confucian and “immediately snatched the hat from the visitor's head and pissed in it.

Rank out of 10: 5

the artistic ranking of Han

Paper was created out of rice pasted together and this denotes that some form of art work was done on paper. other than this jade was highly popular and bronze anything was in extreme high demand.

rank: 4

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