No Safety In Numbers tyler mercer


In my opinion Lexi is a dynamic character, At the beginning of the story No Safety in numbers Lexi was already mad at her mother. The author states,"if mom is going to be on the phone the whole time...I don't see why Darren couldn't come"(Lorentz 10).

Things were going badly at the mall. Soon after Lexi was still heated. she did not care what was going to happen."Lexi bought a portable CB radio (Dad was going to blow a transistor when he gets his credit card bill)"(Lorentz 150).

On day 7, as things were still getting worse, Lexi and her Mom are getting along. The author tells us",her mother's face softened. she pulled Lexi into a hug"(Lorentz 253).

These quotes show that Lexi was a different character at the beginning and had changed throughout the story. She seems like she does not like her mom and just wants to hangout with Darren and not her family. She seems to care about Darren more then her family. Also, Lexi seems not to care about what her family does for her. Lexi just wants to use their money but when stuff in the mall starts to get worse. Lexi and her mother end up hugging each other and realized that they are gonna be together forever. This is how Lexi changes over the book No Safety In Numbers.


I also think that Ryan is a dynamic character, At the beginning of No Safety In Numbers the author tells us that Ryan,"... He wanted to make his brother proud with the big stuff and the stupid..."(Lorentz 24).

Soon after the mall was quarantined, " Ryan took the plastic shotgun from drew and smashed the kid in the face with the butt"(Lorentz 100).

On day 6 as things had gotten worse Ryan had did some stupid stuff." Ryan had excused himself, saying he'd hurt his shoulder by tackling a guard"(Lorentz 224).

As you can see Ryan has changed from the beginning to the end. Ryan had to be and wanted to be a people pleader because he just wants to impress his brother. Also, Ryan could be violent and nobody thought he could but i guess i'm not the only one to get proved wrong. Therefore, you know now that anybody could change at any point in their life and will do whatever just to fit in or impress somebody.

I also think that you should read this book it is a very good book and i suggest it for anyone that wants to read it to understand whats going on so start reading now!

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