Lutheran Denomination By: Marissa Montanez, Jessica Rosales, Cassandra nunez

Historical Orgins

  • Founder: Martin Luther ( 1483-1546), German friar, refoemr and theologian
  • Date Founded: 1517, protestant reformation
  • Loctaion: Germany
  • Why founded: Reform Catholic Church, bible is primary authority of faith and salvation through salvation and faith.
  • Estimated number of followers: 8 million


  • Baptism: Holy sacrament that welcomes the person being baptized into God's family. God's promise to his followers, not the follower's promise to God.
  • Eucharist/ Communion: Believe body and blood of Christ are "truly and substantially present in. with and under the forms" of consecrated bread and wine.
  • Religious Authority: Luther's theological teachings such as sola scriptura (scripture as the primary authority for faith and life)
  • Atonement of sins: Much in common with beliefs of the catholic church, they believe baptism washed away original sin. Once a person is declared righteous by Christ's redemption a person can still sin, but should not. Sanctification of grace can help a person reach Christ perfection
  • Salvation: Saved through grace and faith alone
  • Clergy: Ordained clergy are called priests, but pastor is usually preferred.


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