Goals Set To Accomplish Jose Borrayo

short term goals

  • 1st goal: Get A/B for my second semester
  • S.Have a 85 and above in all my classes
  • M. Every two weeks i will check my grades to see if i'm on track with my grades
  • A. My goal is attainable if i stay in track and accomplish all of my assignments
  • R. Yes its realistic because its my grade and i need them
  • T. During the 9 weeks of the 2nd semester

Begin senior project/ finish :

S. Have senior project done before deadline

M. Stay after school every other day to work on project

A. I can accomplish this by committing to my set goal

R. Its realistic because its mandatory to have a senior project

T. By the end of my senior year 06/07/2017

Get a job by March:

S. Nothing in specific just easy money in my pocket

M. Apply in any other job opportunities I can find

A. I will use my resume and skills I have to offer

R. It is realistic to obtain this goal

T. I have about a month left to start working on submitting application anywhere its possible

Get registered for UTEP:

S. I want to go to UTEP to get my bachelor's and master's degree in Criminal Justice

M. I have 4 to 5 years from now to get my bachelor's degree and work my way for my master's.

A. I will do anything possible to pass all my classes and get a good GPA

R. This is realistic because I'm giving myself enough time to accomplish my dream

T. It is timely because it requires about 4 to 8 years to get my bachelor's and master's degree


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