Central Powers By ryan crouse

The Central Powers were made up of Germany, Austria-Hungary, The Ottoman Empire, and Bulgaria. The Powers origin was the alliance between Germany and Austria-Hungary. The Central Powers consisted of German Empire and the Austria Empire. The Ottoman Empire join later in 1914. In 1915 Bulgaria joined hoping to trace in a few more empires. Finland, Azerbaijan, and Lithuania join in 1918 after the Russian Empire was done.

Early July on 1914 the assassination of Franz Ferdinand and the immediate like hood of war between the Austria-Hungary and Serbia, The German government told Austria-Hungary that they would uphold their alliance if Russia would try to attack tried to and if a war broke out. On August 1,1914 Germany sent an ultimatum to Russia with Germany and Russia in military mobilization there would be a war between both Countries. Later that day France went into military mobilization. After all of the this Countries came into the war from every corner of the globe.

The Central Powers and the entire war cost 10 million civilians their lives. Most of them died of Famine and disease brought other from other empires. there was a few who die from the actual fighting it self. World war one cost 186 billion and another 151 billion indirect cost to people who were affected by this conflict. This was the most costly war of it's time.

People still talk about this war today and they wont quit. World War one brought us lots of starling developments in medicine, geopolitics, and social relations. These developments are still with us today.


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