Time Capsule Izzy Rodrequez

1) Sophomores should know not to take easy classes and not procrastinate for junior year

2) A few things incoming freshman should know about high school would be to not procrastinate, get lots of sleep, and keep up with your grades.

3) In 5 years I hope to be in my senior year of college. In 10 years I hope to be settled down, have a steady income, a great career, and be married.

4) My fears of the future would be failing and becoming unsuccessful.

5) My favorite food is Chic-fil-a, favorite TV show is The Office, and my favorite movie is Lilo and Stitch.

6) Five items I would leave behind to represent me would be apples, peanut butter, converse, a leotard, and my crutches.

Peanut butter

7) My hidden talents include burping my ABC's and touching my toes.

8) One thing I wish everyone would understand is that mistakes are a part of life and everything happens for a reason.

9) Something that left a lasting impression throughout school was realizing how much teachers want students to succeed in life.

10) Five compliments: Sydney-I loved all of your hair colors throughout this year, Esther- your hair is so long and pretty, Jenna- you're so pretty and I love your new hair cut, Daeshawn-you're so nice and I love your new red hair, Piper- you always dress really pretty and I love your curly hair

11) I want to be remembered as the bubbly, smiling, and laughing friend that was always there to support my friends.

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