Oh Baby: A Self Portrait Lesson Pencil drawing of portraiture

Begin with a black and white photograph of yourself as a toddler or child (I chose my daughter instead)

Measure a 1x1 inch grid across both the image and drawing paper.

Mark measurements on top and bottom before lining the ruler up for straighter lines
Begin with a contour line drawing of the photograph

Be sure to follow the 1 inch blocks as guides.

Begin to add value
Start out light
Pay attention to the shadow and light in the photo
Add in darker shades gradually
focus on the line and value in the portrait
Erase away reflective surfaces
Use the kneaded eraser to add highlights or reflections
Continue to darken shadows around and on the face
Use a B2 or higher pencil for darkest values
Finalize Details
Add last minute details with an HB or H pencil
Compare photo to drawing and adjust values with blending stumps
Look closely at details in the facial features
Final Drawing

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