Oprah Winfrey Kennedy McGuire

Oprah Winfrey was born January 29th, 1954. Oprah's life began in poverty, daughter to a single teenage mother, in inner-city Milwaukee. Oprah's beginnings were not as easy as some people's, and in-fact endured difficult younger years. Oprah has admitted to being molested as a child, and became pregnant at only fourteen years old (she had lost her child seconds after his birth). She was then sent to live with the man she had called father who lived in Tennessee. When Oprah was only nineteen years old she landed a job on a radio station as a co-anchor. Her incredibly wise words for her young age eventually got her transferred to the world of talk shows. Oprah's talk show received incredibly high ratings. She launched her own production company and became internationally syndicated.

Oprah Winfrey is an entrepreneur because she is a self made TV show host, actress, producer and philanthropist (person who seeks to promote the welfare of others). Oprah is the chairman of Harpo.inc. Oprah has co-starred in several films, those of which including The Color Purple, Beloved, The Princess and the Frog, and The Bee Movie. Oprah has also co-authored several books, and publishes her own magazine, "O". Oprah's company has created the Oprah.com website for her followers. In 2006, it was confirmed that Oprah had signed a three year 55 million dollar contract with XM Satellite Radio. Oprah has made it on the Forbes list, and has a net worth of three billion dollars

Oprah is an entrepreneur because she built herself up, and created a new form of talk show where she is charitable to the audience and her guests. Though Oprah had less than perfect beginnings she was able to make a legend of herself. Oprah was able to experience unexpected opportunity to help her rise; That being her first talk show radio spot at 19 years old. At even this age it was obvious that she was destined for more than what she was given. Instead of stopping when she was high, Oprah continues to mold herself to new media forms, making her an ever growing tycoon of product, influence, and charity.


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