To Do List, FY 2017 AKA: Jacquie's FY 2017 Goals

Improve the Customer Experience

Deliver Innovation

Scale the Business

To Do List: FY 2017 Goals

  • Establish service level agreements and feedback path for key customer and stakeholder groups
  • Expand GM in EMEA with new team member; partner with local teams to develop region focused programs
  • Identify key data for for analysis and insight in support of diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Create GM M&A playbook
  • Leverage vendors for program development, customer experience, and scale
  • Curate QBR data for analysis and insights
  • Centralize immigration budget
  • Move GM Tier 0/1 queries into TRAX
  • Provide guidance, direction, and leadership in support of individual and team FY 2017 goals

FY 2017 Q1 Accomplishments

  • Successfully completed immigration RFP and selected new immigration partner
  • Successful Tube Mogul employee US immigration transfers
  • Completed RTW audit in the UK
  • Hypo on Equity
  • Effectively managed communications around Executive Orders


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