War of the Roses By: hunter N

The Houses

The house of Lancaster had the symbol of the red roses.

The house of Lancaster had the symbol of the red roses.

The War of the Roses were between the houses.

Henry VI versus Edward IV

Henry Vl was apart of the House of Lancaster.

Henry had a good claim to be king because of his father and his grandfather, But he was terrible at being a warrior.

Edward lV was apart of the House of York.

Edward believed he was a better king than Henry, so Edward took the throne. Edward was a good warrior and a leader so he won many battles. He was a good fighter but kinda lazy.

Richard lll - Guilty or not

The story of the two princess death could have been made up of Richard lll enemies that really disliked him.

An English knight that was loyal to Richard lll confessed that he killed the princess under Richard's order but the knight was probably tortured to say that.

About two hundred years after they went missing, two skeletons appeared under a staircase of the Tower of London and it was proven that they were two boys.

Battle of Bosworth field

Henry of Tudor raised an army to fight King Richard lll. Henry of Tudor had the army get together at Bosworth field, Richard lll army was a lot bigger than Henry's.

Richard charge toward Henry and his horse was hit so Richard continued fighting on fought. Richard was taken down by an axe blow to the head. Henry of Tudor was crowned on the field of Bosworth.

Henry Tudor and the Tudor House

King Henry Tudor did not have a good claim to the throne. He was a form of a powerful family of Welsh.

He was a clever and a successful King. His son is known to be one of the most famous Kings. The House of Tudor had the symbol of a Red and White Roses.

The House of Tudor brought the rivals, The House of Lancaster and the House of York together.


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