WWI Trench Warfare Survival Guide Ashanti Ros

Gas Mask

As chemical weapons developed, so have protective equipment. Most people thought the mask was uncomfortable. It has glass eye pieces and a rubber tube for a soldier to breath out of (10 Things).

Steel Helmet

(Turkish Steel Helmet)

Before steel they had cloth caps that gave no protection what so ever. In a trench war a soldier's most vulnerable area was his head. The steel helmet helped reduce injuries by 75 percent (10 Things).


(Painted German War Helmet)

Most colors of the camouflage were khaki, grey, and horizon blue. There were also other colors to match no man's land. It also helped to blend into the environment around them so they don't get caught (10 Things).

First Field Dressing Pack

(First Field Dressing Pack)

The immediate treatment, particularly to limit the loss of blood, and could be the difference between life and death. Minor injuries could of became fatal if they were infected. The dressing pack contained two field dressings and gave men the means to give themselves limited but rapid care before medical arrived (10 Things).

Mosquito Net

(Mosquito Net)

One of the main problems was diseases. The net was issued to soldiers so they wouldn't get diseases from different insects. This also gave a better understanding of the importance of good hygiene and limiting its spread (10 Things).

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