U.S. History Resources Mrs. Coleman and Ms. Victory want to help you have a little fun with U.S. History while you're on this unexpected break! Play games, check out interactives, and watch some videos!

Watch Historian Adam Rothman explain how slave labor fueled the world's economy, especially as cotton became so profitable.

Play "Branches of Power"

What happened on this day in history? Check it out by clicking the link below!

Culture and Reform in the Early 19th Century: Take a look at this course if you've got time!

You'll be taken to an "Early Republic" Course. Scroll down to the lessons about "Culture and Reform in the Early 19th Century"

Want a good book to read while we're on break? Here are some that we really think you'll enjoy!

Fever 1793
One Crazy Summer
Never Caught: The Story of Ona Judge

Class Trip Resources!

Going to Washington, D.C. with us? Check out the highlights of places we'll be visiting!

BrainPOP Activities!

These activities are geared toward what we'll be tackling in class soon. They will really help you get a jumpstart on things! Click on the buttons below. You'll need to login using this account:

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