How a Caterpillar Changes By allison Thomas

Caterpillars go through a lot of changes. The first stage of a caterpillar is an egg. The egg of a caterpillar is very small. It is about the size of a pin head. The egg is laid on a plant that the caterpillar will eat when it emerges from the egg. This stage lasts for about a week before the caterpillar hatches.

The next stage is a caterpillar. The caterpillar hatches from the egg and spends the next few weeks eating as much food at it can. They eat mostly leaves.

When the caterpillar is ready, it finds a nice spot under a leaf. It then starts twisting, spinning, and turning some web. This web is its chrysalis. It will stay in the chrysalis for about a week. Inside the chrysalis, the caterpillar is metamorphosing into something spectacular.

The new an improved caterpillar emerges. It's now a butterfly! It spreads its wings and gets ready to fly. It is now off looking for flowers to land on. It will soon lay eggs and start the life cycle all over again.


Created with images by Bergadder - "caterpillar larva animal" • Cindy Funk - "Soon to be Ex-Tomato Worm" • Dan Zen - "Caterpillar" • SidPix - "Monarch Life Cycle — 14 of 20" • miniformat65 - "heliconius melpomene butterfly"

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