The Stark Reality of Enterprise Modernization Expansive market study finds organizations are their own worst enemy and need a better way forward

Hype around large-scale public clouds drowns out a huge, overlooked priority for enterprises trying to modernize their technology and teams – their often decades-old “legacy” apps that are critical to business operations. Results of a March 2018 study of 450 C- and VP-level technology leaders in the US, UK and Canada shows that in 2018, those critical apps are still very much grounded – far from "name-brand" public clouds. The reason for this reality? It's not all about tech – it’s about people.

Name-brand, hyperscale clouds distract from the larger business need in the datacenter.

Hyper-scale clouds today run a multitude of new, cloud-native apps for businesses, most of which serve front-office functions. But there's a massive number of "legacy" apps that remain trapped in the datacenter – and these are the apps that run businesses. Respondents manage hundreds of apps that they see as both mission-critical – ERP, CRM, and Data Analytics – and ill-suited for cloud.

74 percent of respondents report more than half of their apps remain on-premises.

71 percent of respondents report that a half or more of their on-premises apps play mission-critical roles running the business.

Today, enterprise technology leaders are reaching a breaking point. Traditional apps are mission-critical to operations, but their existing infrastructure and processes cannot keep up with the pace of change.

Enterprises are reaching a tipping point in their use of cloud.

As we approach the second wave of cloud adoption, organizations are finally moving beyond the low-hanging fruit of cloud-native apps and are now preparing to modernize and migrate their most important applications.

Organizational attitudes toward modernization are overwhelmingly positive. And it’s not just about improving infrastructure — it’s about changing how their company serves customers and competes in the market.

As they seek greater agility in their organization...

63 percent of respondents expect to be able to better respond to customer needs.

62 percent expect to be better positioned to compete and lead in the market.

Businesses know it's time to modernize. But the one thing holding them back isn't technology. It's people.

By following the same cookie-cutter approach that tries to force existing apps into hyperscale clouds, companies are finding that their greatest downfall is a lack of skills on their existing teams. Enterprises can’t find the talent they need to modernize and migrate traditional apps ill-suited for hyperscale clouds.

But the reason for this skills gap is surprising: It’s not due to a dearth of relevant skills in the market.

It’s because companies are choosing to rely on the most time-intensive, burdensome, complex approaches to getting core apps to the cloud.

But, there’s an easier way to move traditional apps to the cloud.

Skytap Cloud delivers a progressive bridge from legacy to cloud-first that:

  • Alleviates the skills burden
  • Maintains value in core apps
  • Allows organizations to modernize at their own pace
  • Makes enterprise modernization achievable

How Skytap can help

Skytap accelerates enterprise innovation by modernizing a traditional applications’ infrastructure, processes and architecture.

Our cloud environments behave as virtual datacenters making it easy to develop and run these hybrid applications by rapidly migrating traditional workloads to the cloud, enabling modern software development practices, and integrating new cloud-native architectures and services.

With Skytap Cloud, migrations take days, not years. Once in Skytap Cloud, our customers gain access to self-service, on-demand compute resources that eliminate constraints to modern, collaborative development processes. Hundreds of enterprise customers are using Skytap Cloud to improve business agility by combining traditional applications with new cloud services. The result is ongoing modernization that accelerates innovation without risking the business.


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