BREXIT NEGOTIATIONS REQUIRE A NEW MINDSET CBI director-general, Carolyn fairbairn, explains what businesses want from #Brexit

Writing for the Financial Times, Carolyn Fairbairn highlights the importance of a forward looking Brexit deal that prioritises prosperity for the whole of the UK. But how do we get there?

"With negotiations almost upon us, British business does not believe that we are where we need to be. The likelihood of a good deal for the UK is further away with every exchange across the channel. That cannot be allowed to continue."
"Business leaders have done an extraordinary job in demonstrating their value over the past year, dealing with uncertainty and continuing to invest in the success of their firms, jobs for their communities and the growth of the UK."
"Imagine you are running a business today. The less likely a deal becomes, the harder it will be to recruit and retain the best and brightest from around the world, and the harder it will be to continue. There is no question this is beginning to bite: a gradual, silent drip, drip, drip of lost investment and missed opportunity."
"Business nerves would be calmed by a commitment to transitional arrangements. Above all, the government must be clear that the UK sits at the negotiating table with an open mind, and urge EU negotiators to follow suit."
"For their part, businesses must reaffirm their commitment to demonstrating their value to society and communities by strengthening trust and connections to the everyday lives of ordinary people."
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